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960 San Pasqual Street, Apt. 308 Home (818) 793-5609
Paaadena, CA 91106 Work (818) 393-1253


Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA 91109 (1996-present).
* Coordinated educational and outreach activities for the Mars Pathfinder Project.
* Duties include giving lectures, organizing launch and landing activities, as well as working with the press.

University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Planetary Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 (1989-1995).
* Taught introduction classes in Geology and Planetary Sciences.
* Lecture assistant in Geological and Planetary Science classes.

Owner and operator of Radon Detection System, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (1992-1993).
* Conducted comprehensive Radon testing and home evaluations.
* Completed short course for state radon certifications.

NASA Langley Visitor Center, Hampton, VA., Managed by J.L. Associates Inc. (1987-1989)
* Presented scientific lectures to students, the public, and VIP's regarding research at NASA Langley Research Center.
* Research and developed new programs on space research.

Computermania, Hampton, VA. (1987-1988)
* Taught beginning and intermediate classes in MSDOS.
* Onsite installation and training for small companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.
* Sales representative for computerized sign machine.

Newport News School System, Denbigh High School, Newport News VA. (1985-1987)
* Taught ninth grade advanced and regular Earth Science (courses included one quarter of geology, oceanography meteorology, and astronomy).
* Updated city-wide standardized test for Earth Science competency.

Busch Gardens Theme Park, Williamsburg. VA. (1983-1985)
* Managed a musical show in one of the largest theme parks on the East Coast.
* Supervised a staff of 20 employees.
* Managed employee finances.
* Responsible for all employee disciplinary procedures.
* Controlled all technical aspects of the show including lights and sound for 5 shows daily.
* Completed Busch Gardens management training program.

Busch Gardens Theme Park, Williamsburg. VA. (1979-1983)
* Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electronic equipment including lasers, computers, and radios.

Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach Campus, Virginia Beach, VA. (1981-1983)
* Taught freshman courses in physical and historical geology including lectures and laboratories.

Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company, Newport News, VA. (1973-1975).
* Installed classified electronic equipment on nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines.
* Completed first year of electronics apprentice school (left to attend college full-time).


Doctor of Philosophy in Geology and Planetary Science, expected December, 1995.
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Masters of Science in Geology, 1985.
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

Bachelor of Science in Geology, 1979.
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.


Outstanding Young American Award, 1987.
Henry Leighton Memorial Scholarship, 1995.



Dr. Robert Charles Anderson
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
MS 230-235
Pasadena, CA 91109

Phone:(818) 393-1253
Fax: (818) 393-1227


Ph.D., Geology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1995. Research topic: Discrimination of Quaternary surfaces surrounding the Whipple Mountains of southeastern California using AVIRIS data. Committee: Dr. Kathi Beratan (Advisor), Dr. Thomas Anderson (Department Chairman), Dr. William Harbert, Dr. Jack Donahue, Dr. David Crown, Dr. Patrick Treado (Chemistry).

M.S., Geology, Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia, 1985. Research topic: Lineament Analysis and Tectonic Interpretation for the Central Tharsis Region, Mars. Committee: Dr. Ramesh Venkatakrishen (Advisor), Dr. Randall Spencer (Department Chairman), Dr. Richard Whittecarr.

B.S., Geology, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, 1979.

Professional Experience

California Institute of Technology Postdoctoral Scholar, Assigned to the Mars Pathfinder Project as the Mars Pathfinder Educational Outreach coordinator as well as science support for the project scientist. Member of the Mineralogy and Geochemistry Science Operatrion Group.

1989-1995: Adjunct Faculty / Teaching Assistant,
Lectured courses include Geology 0800 (geology for non-science majors), Our Restless Earth 0840 (geology for non-science majors), and Geology 0879 (Introduction to the Planets; for non-science majors). Teaching assisting: Planets, Physical and Historical Geology, Geography.

1989-1995 Academic Tutor, Tutor university athletics through the Athletic Academic Student Support Services. Tutored classes included all geology, oceanography, astronomy, and Qbasic and Fortran computing.

1987-1989 Lecturer, NASA Langley Visitor Center, Hampton Virginia. Lectures included all subjects from man to unmanned spaceflights, exploring the universe, to the basics of spaceflight / aeronautical engineering.

1987-1988 Instructor, Computermania, Hampton, Va. Taught beginning and intermediate classes in MSDOS. Duties included on-site installation and training from small companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

1985-1987 Secondary High School Instructor,
Denbigh High School, Newport News, Virginia. Taught ninth grade earth sciences which included geology, meteorology, and astronomy. Successfully completed a state beginning teaching program (BTAP) and a program designed to increase teaching efficiency (PET).

1981-1983 Adjunct Faculty, Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach Campus, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Taught both lecture and labs for Physical and Historical Geology.

1979-1982 Teaching Assistant, Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia, Taught laboratory sections in Introductory geology classes. Teaching assistant coordinator for laboratory sections.

Additional Teaching Experience

1986 Cosponsored a school-wide seminar on the correct preparation for science projects.

1988, 1989, 1990: Cosponsored a program entitled CHROME, a program for minority engineering students through the NASA Visitor Center.

1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Presented a seminar on Moonrocks/Planetary Geology for the PJAS for local tenth through twelfth grade science students.

1990, 1991 Presented a seminar class for the Energy Olympics sponsored by Equitable Gas. A yearly contest designed to encourage local high school students to participate and enjoy science.

1994 Presented a lecture on the Moon for the local Catholic High School during their summer space camps sponsored by the NASA Teacher Resource Center, University of Pittsburgh.

1989-1995 Have presented hourly seminars to local schools ranging from vertebrate paleontology to cave formation.

1996 to present Presented several invited talks for the Mars Pathfinder Project as well as a PBS show on the Pathfinder project.

Computer Experience

Experienced programmer in FORTRAN and QBASIC, familiar with C-programming. At the University of Pittsburgh, duties included overseeing the department graduate computer lab which contains Sun SPARC 3, IBM, and many types of Macintosh computers. Also familiar with the UNIX and VAX operating systems including DEC, SUN, and SGI (IRIS) workstation platforms.

Remote sensing software used: ERMapper, ENVI, and other software available such as Illustrator, Canvas, Photoshop, etc.

Affiliations and Activities

Member: Geological Society of America, AAS, Society, American Geophysical Union..

Former editor of GRADLINE magazine, a magazine for graduate students through the Faculty of Arts and Science Deans Office, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate student representative for geology (3 years), graduate department representative to the faculty, graduate representative to FAS Council and FAS-Grad Council, Vice President and Secretary, SGE (Sigma Gamma Epsilon) - Beta chapter..

Outstanding Young American Award 1987.
Henry Leighton Memorial Scholarship, 1995.


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Anderson, R.C. Zimmerman, P.A., Hercules, D.M., Beratan, K., McKeown, P.J., Regional Correlation of Rock Varnish Surfaces: Implication for Mapping Quaternary Surfaces., in preparation.


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