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Henry J. Moore II

TITLE:                   Scientist Emeritus 
                         Astrogeology Team 
                         U.S. Geological Survey 
                         Menlo Park, CA 94025 
BORN:                    September 2, 1928, Albuquerque, New Mexico 
EDUCATION:               University of Utah   1945-1951    B.S.  Mineralogy 
                         Stanford University  1957-1959    M.S.  Geology 
                         Stanford University  1959-1965    Ph.D. Geology 

MILITARY SERVICE         1951-1954
                         Line Officer aboard the U.S.S. Los Angeles and Tactical Air Control Squadron One.


Participated in the NASA lunar program as a member of the U.S. Geological Survey from September 1960 to the present. Studied experimental craters produced by hypervelocity impacts, in cooperation with Ames Research Center, and craters produced by missile impacts at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Led and participated in Apollo Astronaut Training Exercises utilizing craters produced by chemical and nuclear explosives at the Nevada Test Site and Flagstaff, Arizona. Early studies include the preparation of geologic maps of the Moon, numerous internal reports for NASA, development of design criteria for lunar roving vehicles, analysis of hazards produced by ejecta from the active seismic experiment performed during Apollo 17, and contributions to the Viking Mars Engineering Model.

Principal Investigator on NASA Experiment S-222 (Photogeology Apollo 15-17). As part of this effort, contributed to the Apollo 16 and 17 Preliminary Science Reports as well as guided contributions by participants in Experiment S-222. Participated in cooperative studies of Earth-based remote sensing data and Apollo orbital remote sensing data with other groups.

Member of the Physical Properties Investigation Team of the Mars Viking Lander. Member of Viking Mars Site Selection staff. Member of Mars Viking Lander Sample Site Working Group. Principal Investigator for the study of Physical Properties of the surface materials at the Viking Landing sites. Principal Investigator of study of martian volcanic processes and lava flow rheology.

Studied the physical properties of Martian surface materials using Viking lander, Viking Orbiter thermal, Earth-based radar, and Viking Orbiter imaging data. Contributed to the Mars Patfinder and other Mars programs by furnishing estimates of the physical properties of the surface materials of Mars and data on rocks at the Viking landing sites .

Currently, the Rover Scientist and Leader of the Surface Material Properties Science Operation Group for the Mars Pathfinder Mission and engaged in geologic mapping of Venus and Mars.


                         Geological Society of America 
                         American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers 
                         Sigma Xi 
                         American Geophysical Union 
                         American Association for the Advancement of Science 

                         U.S. Geological Survey Outstanding Performance Award - 1967 
                         Apollo Medallion for Contributions to Lunar Roving Vehicle studies - 1971 
                         Group Achievement Award for Viking Data Analysis Team - 1972 
                         Geological Society of America award for astronaut training - 1973 
                         Group Achievement Award for Viking Site Selection - 1973 
                         NASA - Exceptional Service Award for Viking Mission - 1977 
                         Group Achievement Award for Viking Landing Site Staff - 1977 
                         Meritorious Service Award, Department of Interior - 1985 
                         Thirty-year Service Award, Department of Interior - 1986

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