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This material was developed for the Live From Mars project by Passport to Knowledge. Live From Mars was a precursor to Mars Team Online.


July 31 Pathfinder News Conference

mat.gif mike.gif bob.gif
mark.gif henry.gif rob.gif


Supporting Visuals

bs1.gifBackshell bs2.gifBackshell bs3.gifBackshell

bs4.gifBackshell bs5.gifBackshell cloudanim.gifCloud Animation

lander_with_imp.gifLander with IMP wsockanim.gifWindsock Animation

landingsite.gifLanding SIte mini_mat_lander_sm.gifMini mat

pressure1.gifPressure temp.gifTemperature sky1.gifSky 1

sky2.gifSky 2 sky3.gifSky 3 sun1.gifSun 1

sun2.gifSun 2 sun3.gifSun 3 sun4.gifSun 4

wind2.gif Wind features 1 wind3.gifWind features 2

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