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IMP Camera Specifications

(excerpted from the 2/97JGR-Planets paper, "The Imager for Mars Pathfinder Experiment")

Specification Value
CCD Specifications
Readout noise 15 electrons
Full well 125,000 electrons
Readout time 2 s for the full array, 1 s for the left eye only
Exposure time 0-32 s, step size 0.5 ms, autoexposure available
Spectral range 440-1000 nm
Gain 30 electrons/pixel
ADC 12 bits/pixel
Frame transfer 0.5 ms, no mechanical shutter
SNR 350 maximum
Pixel size 23 x 17 µm, 6 µm for an anti-blooming channel
Optomechanical Specifications
Scale left, 0.981 mrad/pixel; right 0.985 mrad/pixel
Focal length, f/number 23 mm, f/18
FOV 14.4° x 14.0°
Depth of Field (DOF) best focus, 1.3 m; DOF, 0.5 m to infinity
Filters per eye 12, four are solar filters, one diopter lens (right eye)
Stereo separation 15.0 cm
Toe-in left, 12.5 mrad; right -24.5 mrad, measured from elevation axis
Azimuth/Elevation step size 0.553°, 1 hysteresis (backlash)
Repeatability <5 mrad, when approaching from the same direvtion
Step speed 10 steps/s
Pointing range full azimuth, +90° to -67° elevation
Data Compression 1.3:1 lossless up to 24:1 lossy (JPEG)

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