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Accessing the Mars Pathfinder CD-ROM

These instructions are written for Microsoft Windows 95. The procedure outlined below is analogous for Macintosh and UNIX systems.

Although it is possible to access the CD-ROM directly, for fast loading you may wish to transfer the CD-ROM to your local hard drive. Before transferring the files to your local hard drive, we recommend that you browse the site and check the performance of your CD-ROM drive by clicking HERE. If you are satisfied with the time required to load the pages, then you do not need to transfer the files on the CD-ROM to your hard drive. If you elect to perform this optional procedure, you will need 600 MB of free disk space. We recommend that you first check your free disk space by right clicking on the hard drive icon and selecting properties.



If you have sufficient free disk space, then drag the MPF folder to your local hard drive which in this example is the C: drive.


The files will transfer to your local hard drive over a period of 10-20 minutes.

Next use any web browser that supports 32 character file names, such as Netscape 3.0 or greater to access the main index.html file.


If you have copied the CD-ROM to your local hard drive, then select the MPF folder and open the index.html file.


The main entry page will appear. You are now accessing the files directly off your fast hard drive! Just click on the links as you normally would while browsing the Pathfinder web site. Everything will load with lightning speed since no Internet connection is required. ( This is not true for the external links, click HERE for an explanation. )


However if you don't have 600 MB of free disk space, then just click HERE and you can access the CD-ROM as fast as your CD-ROM drive can serve the files. ( Please note that CD-ROM drives are always slower than hard drives, but usually faster than Internet connections. )

For questions or comments on the CD-ROM contact:

Kirk Goodall
Mars Web Engineer


Please note that all material on this CD-ROM is copyrighted by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Copyright 1998