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Mars Pathfinder Mission

The Latest News!

NASA-TV Schedule for 1 July - 17 July (STS-94 Shuttle mission and Mars Pathfinder Briefings and events)!

How does Mars Pathfinder retract its airbags and right itself once on the surface of Mars? Watch the movie!

Take a Tour of Ares Vallis (courtesy of David Palermo, an artist and Mars fan, and Quicktime VR)!

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Mars, The Red Planet

red_bullet_half.gifMars Fact Sheet Compiled By The National Space Science Data Center

red_bullet_half.gifSee The Latest Images Of Mars Taken By Astronomers From Around The World! (Updated 3 July 1997)

red_bullet_half.gifWith All The Interest In Possible Ancient Life On Mars Discovered In A Meteorite- Go To The Mars Meteorite Home Page For A Closer Look At These Fascinating Objects!

red_bullet_half.gifMSSS Viking Image Archive

red_bullet_half.gifMarswatch 1996-1997

red_bullet_half.gifThe Marswatch FTP Site

red_bullet_half.gifMars ALPO Albedo Map

red_bullet_half.gifA Browsable Online Atlas Of Mars Containing USGS Maps And Raw Viking Orbiter Images

Mission Objectives


red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Mission Objectives

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Science Objectives

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Announcement Of Opportunity

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Fact Sheet

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Project Information From The National Space Science Data Center

red_bullet_half.gifNasa Lewis Research Center's Contribution To The Mars Pathfinder Mission

red_bullet_half.gifNASA Discovery Office

new.gifEntry, Descent And Landing System (EDL)


red_bullet_half.gifRAD Rockets


Prelaunch and Launch

red_bullet_half.gifBeautiful new launch photographs (released 4 February 1997)!

red_bullet_half.gifThe Mars Pathfinder Assembly Process in Words and Pictures!

red_bullet_half.gifMcDonnell Douglas Delta II

red_bullet_half.gifKennedy Space Center

red_bullet_half.gifCape Canaveral Air Station (Patrick Air Force Base)


red_bullet_half.gifWhat happens during the cruise to Mars? A lot! View a playback of current data from the spacecraft in realtime!

red_bullet_half.gifSee how we did during Operational Readiness Test #5 (21-25 April)!

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Cruise And Mars Approach Activities

red_bullet_half.gifShips Passing In The Night (Mars Pathfinder And Mars Global Surveyor)

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Navigation

Landing Site

red_bullet_half.gifWhat a view! See the Mars Pathfinder landing site in stereo (using Viking images)! Courtesy of Tim Parker, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

red_bullet_half.gifJust how big is the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site anyway?

red_bullet_half.gifTake a Tour of Ares Vallis (courtesy of David Palermo, an artist and Mars fan, and Quicktime VR)!

red_bullet_half.gifLanding Site Description From The National Space Science Data Center

red_bullet_half.gifAmes Research Center Viking Image Archive Page Of The Mars Pathfinder Landing Site

Rover Sojourner

red_bullet_half.gifRover Sojourner Home Page

red_bullet_half.gifRover Control & Navigation

red_bullet_half.gifRover Power Subsystem

red_bullet_half.gifNASA Space Telerobotics Program

Science And Instruments

red_bullet_half.gifMars Pathfinder Science Objectives

red_bullet_half.gifAbstracts from the newly announced Mars Pathfinder Participating Scientists and Facility Instrument Science Team!

red_bullet_half.gifImager For Mars Pathfinder (IMP)

red_bullet_half.gifAlpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS)

red_bullet_half.gifAtmospheric Structure Instrument/Meteorology Package (ASI/MET)

Mission Operations

red_bullet_half.gifSee live pictures of the MarsRoom and the Mission Support Area at JPL!

red_bullet_half.gifSurface Operations

red_bullet_half.gifDaily Images Of Mars

red_bullet_half.gifDaily Weather Reports From The Surface Of Mars

Education & Outreach

The Challenger Center Online has an outstanding educational library of Mars links and resources.

red_bullet_half.gifGo to the superb educational modules and resources at Live from Earth and Mars, presented to you by the University of Washington!

red_bullet_half.gifCheck out the excellent education site, Live From Mars, with resources for students AND teachers!

red_bullet_half.gifDownload And Build Your Own Model Of The Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft!

red_bullet_half.gifLook at Mars Pathfinder Education And Outreach Efforts Over The Past Few Months!

red_bullet_half.gifA General Overview Of Mars From JPL's Tour Of The Planets

red_bullet_half.gifSee The Excellent Resources At The Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program Brought To You By Arizona State University

red_bullet_half.gifThe Latest Martian Chronicle Newsletter

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