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Build Your Own Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft Model!

If you have ever wanted to have your very own model of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, here is your chance to build one.

Click on the cutouts below to download, print and construct the model. You will need scissors, tape and/or glue to put it together, and colored markers or pencils to finish it up.

Here are some pictures of the real thing to inspire you!

Mars Cruise

 MPF in SAEF-2

MPF in SAEF-2 Closed 

MPF in SAEF-2 Open 

If you're having problems downloading the model or need Instructions for Downloading...

Note: The images you will be downloading are large files. Your download time will depend on the speed of your modem...

We have also made up smaller files, less sharp GIF versions of the images, that will still print out on 8.5"x11" size paper.

Each image is sized to print on regular 8.5"x11" paper (landscape orientation). Remember, the thicker the stock you print on, the sturdier your model will be!

 MPF Cruise Stage Cutout

 MPF Heatshield Cutout

 MPF Backshell Cutout

 MPF Lander Cutout

 Mars Pathfinder Cruise Stage (1.0MB)

 Mars Pathfinder Heatshield (448K)

 Mars Pathfinder Backshell (352K)

 Mars Pathfinder Lander (1.3MB)

Mars Pathfinder Cruise Stage (47K)

Mars Pathfinder Heatshield (31K)

Mars Pathfinder Backshell (31K)

Mars Pathfinder Lander (47K)

If you have questions on constructing the model, please contact
David Dubov ( Please be specific!

Contact information on this page is as it appeared during the mission.

Direct all current requests to:

Have fun and good luck!

Sojourner and Mars Rover are trademarks of the California Institute of Technology. Mars Rover, Lander and Aeroshell designs (c) 1996-7 California Institute of Technology, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Permission for commercial reproduction other than for single-school in-classroom use must be obtained from the JPL Commercial Programs Office.

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