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MarsWatch 1996-1997

Images of Mars from Astronomers Around the World

Linking Amateur and Professional Mars Observing Communities

for Observational Support of the Mars Pathfinder Mission

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5 May 1997



Date (by UT): 05/05/97

Time (UT): 01:48

CM: 285 deg


De: 24.74

Disk Diameter: 11.1'

Seeing: 7/10

Transparency: clear, mag 6

Camera: Lynxx PC Plus

Telescope: 10" SCT

FL: 450"

FR: f/45

Exposure Time: 0.5 sec

Filters: Near IR Passing/Visible Blocking - Murnaghan IR83

Processing: Calibration (bias, therm, flat) w/ BatchPIX
Unsharp mask w/ BatchPIX
Composite w/ Photostyler

Observing Station: Lat. N44d 17', Long. W79d 9'

Brian Colville
R.R. # 2
Sunderland, Ontario L0C 1H0

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