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MarsWatch 1996-1997

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22 May 1997


An observation of Mars (in color) made on May 22, 1997 (Ls=121.63, De=25.06) at 01:45 UT (CM=126.2) using an 8-inch (20-cm) f/7.5 Newtonian reflector at 305x in integrated (IL) and red (Wratten 23A) light by Carlos E. Hernandez (A.L.P.O. Mars Coordinator). The North Polar Cap (NPC) appears small and brilliant (10/10) surrounded by a dark (3/10) collar consisting of Mare Boreum, Abalos, Ierne, and Lemuria. Mare Acidalium appears dark (3/10) on the Np. limb with an equally dark Nilokeras projecting from it's Sf. border with Idaeus Fons and Achilles Fons visible projecting to the north and south of it, respectively. Tempe appears very bright (8/10) and the Chryse-Xanthe region appears extremely bright (9/10). Aurorae Sinus appears dark (3/10) adjacent to the Sp. limb as well as Nectar, Solis Lacus, and Bosporos Gemmatus. Mare Sirenum appears dark (3/10) f. the CM with a dusky (4/10) Araxes projecting from its p. end over a bright to very bright (7-8/10) Tharsis region. An extremely bright (9/10) cloud is visible on along the terminator over Amazonis.

(Legend: N.=north, S.=south, p.=preceding, f.=following, Np.=north-preceding, Nf.=north-following, Sp.=south-preceding, Sf.=south-following, MLH=morning limb haze, ELH=evening limb haze, and SLH=southern limb haze)

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