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This page is a collection of images obtained by the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) camera in the MarsRoom at JPL during Operational Readiness Test #6 (ORT6). This next-to-last test is being conducted to allow our engineers and scientists to work through every detail of the actual landing and surface operations using simulated entry, descent and landing data, images transmitted from the engineering model lander in the MarsRoom, and rover sequences, also conducted in the MarsRoom. These tests and simulations "end-to-end", allow the team to understand how all the components of this complex spacecraft work together. This includes using the IMP to acquire images, as it will do on Mars, for guiding the Rover in its operations. Similarly, the Rover will take pictures of the lander and its surroundings so that Rover engineers can also conduct their own operational tests (driving around the landscape, avoiding obstacles, etc.).

At the end of each sol (a Martian "day"), the IMP will image the Rover, enabling the Rover team to determine the vehicle's precise location, and plan for the next sol's operation.

These pictures will be updated very regularly during the next few days, so keep watching!

  • Sol 1
  • Sol 2
  • Sol 3
  • Sol 4