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Announcement of Opportunity
AO 96-OSS-01

Mars Pathfinder and Mars '96 Lander Science Opportunities

Proposal Information Package (PIP)

for the

Mars Pathfinder Participating Scientist Program

Mars Pathfinder Atmospheric Structure Instrument/Meteorology Package Facility Instrument Science Team

portions of the AO

Office of Space Science
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
July 25, 1996

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Updated 18 October, 1996

A list of Freqently Asked Questions and their answers.

For questions regarding this Announcement of Opportunity, please e-mail:

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Additional Relevant Documents

Science and Instrument Requirements Document
Text (48K)
Postscript (160K)
Rich Text Format (46K)

Rover Technical Design Document
Text (80K)
Postscript (344K)
Rich Text Format (80K)

Deep Space Network Tracking System Documents
DSN Tracking System: Doppler and Signal Level
DSN Tracking System: Ranging













Figure 1 Entry, Descent and Landing Sequence

Figure 2 Expanded View of Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft

Figure 3 Picture of Spacecraft in Cruise Configuration

Figure 4 Picture of Lander with One Petal Open

Figure 5 Picture of Rover with APXS Against Rock

Figure 6 Lander Diagram Showing Science Instruments and Hardware

Figure 7 Mission Operations Organization Chart

Figure 8 Experiment Team Organization Chart

Figure 9 Experiment Planning Process Flow Diagram

Figure 10 Mission Operations Schedule

Figure 11 Data Analysis Process Flow Diagram

Figure 12 Internal Configuration of IMP

Figure 13 Picture of IMP Deployed on Mast

Figure 14 Magnet Array with Different Strength Magnetic Materials

Figure 15 Wind Sock

Figure 16 Wind Speed Versus Wind Sock Deflection

Figure 17 Picture of APXS

Figure 18 Diagram of APXS Sensor Head

Figure 19 Picture of Rear of Rover Showing APXS and Color Camera

Figure 20 APXS Electronics Block Diagram

Figure 21 Accelerometer Block Diagram

Figure 22 ASI/MET Block Diagram

Figure 23 Accelerometer Sensor Configuration

Figure 24 Temperature Sensor Configuration

Figure 25 Picture of Top of MET Mast

Figure 26 Diagram of Wind Sensor

Figure 27 Diagram of Rover

Figure 28 Wavelength Response of Color Pixels in Rear Rover Camera


Table 1 Example Prime Mission Science Downlink

Table 2 IMP Filters

Table 3 IMP Specifications

Table 4 APXS Characteristics

Table 5 ASI/MET Instrument Commands

Table 6 ASI/MET Science and Housekeeping Data

Table 7 ASI EDL Sampling Rates

Table 8 Rover Characteristics

Table 9 Rover Camera Specifications


For questions regarding this Announcement of Opportunity, please e-mail:

Updated 7 October, 1996

A list of Freqently Asked Questions and their answers.

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