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 Mars Pathfinder Image Archive

Extended Mission - Page 1

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Sol 31 (4 August)

rearclr_grn.jpg (109K)

Sol 32 (5 August) - No images or data

Sol 33-34 (6 August)

sol32eod.gif (155K)

sol33S53.gif (47K)
- no enlargement available.

Sol 35 (8 August)


82939.gif (86 K)


82838.gif (66 K)


82937.gif ( 98 K)


82936.gif (86 K)


82935.gif (86 K)


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rover_movie20.gif (834 K)


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rover_movie19.gif (2.7 M)


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rover_movie18.gif (1.8 M)

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