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Peter Smith, University of Arizona

There once was a mission to Mars
That fell with a bounce from the stars
To study the mystery of life's early history
Preserved in the rocks & sand bars.

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pan_segment4.gif (High Res - 349 KB)

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pan.gif (High Res - 4,520 KB)


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3-D Anaglyphs by Dr. Timothy Parker, JPL

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TwinPeaks_glyph_md.gif (Med - 730 KB) TwinPeaks_glyph.gif (Large - 2,183 KB)


TwinPeaks_mono_md.jpg (Med - 264 KB) TwinPeaks_mono.jpg (Large - 365 KB)


BigCrater_glyph_md.gif (Medium - 935 KB) BigCrater_glyph.gif (Large - 3,284 KB)


BigCrater_mono_md.gif (Medium 1,405 KB) BigCrater_mono.gif (Large 4,928 KB)


Zaphod_glyph_md.gif (Medium - 1,091 KB) Zaphod_glyph.gif (Large - 3,395 KB)


Zaphod_mono_md.jpg (Medium - 329 KB) Zaphod_mono.jpg (Large - 519 KB)

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