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Mars Pathfinder
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Sol 26-27 (31 July 1997) Images

An end-of-sol Sojourner image. This was taken on Sol 22 after the rover had placed its APXS in the dark soil surrounding the rock named Lamb.
The clearest image yet of Sojurner up against Yogi. The frames in this picture have been carefully aligned to minimize any discontinuity due to parallax. This pair of images shows the result of taking a sequence of 25 identical IMP exposures of the northern Twin Peak, with small camera motions, and processing them with the Super-Resolution algorithm developed at NASA's Ames Research Center. The upper image is a representative input image, scaled up by a factor of five, with the pixel edges smoothed out for a fair comparison. The lower image allows significantly finer detail to be resolved.
This false color image of the area surrounding Yogi shows clear evidence of "scalloped" features in the soil associated with wind-blown dust. Such evidence indicates clearly the direction of prevailing winds in this area, and gives further proof of the aeolian nature of erosional processes on Mars. The next target of the Sojourner Rover: a dune feature called Mermaid.

Eight new Rover "Movies"!
(through Sol 24)