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Mars Pathfinder
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Sol 35 (8 August 1997) Images


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This image shows the area where the Sojourner rover is currently exploring. Having just investigated Mermaid Dune, at left center, the rover is now heading toward the assemblage of large rocks at right. This color image of the Sojourner rover was taken at the end of day on Sol 30. The rover is perched atop Mermaid Dune, a dark material distinct from the surrounding bright surface. Dark red rover tracks extend from the foreground to the base of the rover's wheels.


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This image was taken by the Sojourner rover's right front camera on Sol 33. The rock in the foreground, nicknamed "Ender," is pitted and marked by a subtle horizontal texture. The bright material on the top of the rock is probably wind-deposited dust. The Pathfinder lander is seen in the distance at right. The lander camera is the cylindrical object on top of the deployed mast.  This image from the Sojourner rover's right front camera was taken on Sol 27. The Pathfinder lander is seen at middle left. The large rock at right, nicknamed "Squash", exhibits a diversity of textures. It looks very similar to a conglomerate, a type of rock found on Earth that forms from sedimentary processes.


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This image was taken by the Sojourner rover's left front camera on Sol 32. The Pathfinder lander is at right and is about 9 meters away. Wind tails of dust are clearly seen extending from the left side of many of the small rocks in the foreground. The large rocks on the horizon at left center are the next goal of Sojourner as it continues our exploration of Mars. Leaving Mermaid Dune - On August 5 (sol 32), Sojourner left Mermaid dune to investigated three large, dust-free rocks -- Shark, Half Dome and Wedge.


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Sojourner Visits Mermaid Dune - On July 31 (sol 27), Sojourner traversed to a smooth, dark region of soil called Mermaid Dune. The rover took detailed measurements of the soil. 6x6 Driving - On July 28 (sol 24), Sojourner demonstrated its rocker-bogie mobility system when it scaled a large Martian rock.