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David Sims

Seems like we've been spending a lot of time on Mars lately -- not literally, but certainly in the news and at the movies. If your curiosity's been piqued, we've put together a short list of some of the most interesting Mars sites on the Web, from NASA's official story to bubble gum cards.


Mars Home Page, 10 min.

NASA's National Space Science Data Center has a Mars home page with links to past, current and future missions to the Red Planet, from the Mariner 4 fly-by in 1964 to planned lander missions in 1998.


The Whole Mars Catalog, 10 min.

This well-produced site offers a variety of articles and images (and links to many more), from current explorations and the debate over life on Mars, to Mars in fiction and the possibility of terraforming.


The Face on Mars, 9 min.

A page from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific detailing the Martian canals and The Face on Mars, a rock outcropping that looks like something like a human face.


MPEG of the Face on Mars, 1 min.

This MPEG movie reconstructs the Face on Mars, as it might have looked pushing towards the surface. Actually, it shows a 360-degree rotation of the face, and the shifting light only makes it look like the thing is bursting through the Martian surface.


On the Question of the Mars Meteorite, 10 min.

This page out of NASA's Lunar and Planetary Institute provides an explanation (in plain English) of the Martian meteorites discovered in Antarctica, which some scientists believe demonstrate that live microbes existed on the Red Planet.


Evidence of Life on Mars, 5 min.

This page puts forth an argument for evidence of life on Mars -- and not just microbes found on a meteor, but full pyramids buried under the Martian sand. Photographs from the 1976 Viking expedition are offered as evidence. "Could winds really have caused erosion like this? Not a chance..."


Mars Attacks! (The movie), 5 min.

The official home page of Tim Burton's new movie includes storyboards matched with photos of the film and a Shockwave slot machine game ("Bet with your Head") in which you try to line up three alien heads in a row.


Mars Attacks! (The bubble gum cards), 10 min.

Hours Past: previous Internet Hour columns Far more interesting than the movie site is this site dedicated to the Topps bubble gum cards that inspired it. Sixty-six brilliant, graphic, often politically incorrect pop-art images in three galleries. Take your time and be horrified and repulsed by them all.

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