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This special series on the Mars Pathfinder Web site includes a behind the scenes look at how the MPF Web development team accomplished the task of making their site available to a potential audience of over 87 million visitors per day.

While most of the media attention has been rightfully focussed on the scientists and engineers who built the rover and lander, very little attention has been paid to the people who are responsible for maintaining the Mars Pathfinder Web site.

The team of Web developers at JPL -- comprised of Kirk Goodall, David Dubov and Richard Pavlovsky -- have worked tirelessly for weeks leading up to the landing to set up a worldwide network of mirror sites that would provide Web coverage for everyone.

Webmastering Mars: How a team of three manages JPL's mega-hit site
by Chuck Toporek
A behind the scenes look at how the Web development team at JPL set up and manage the 21 mirror sites, and how they receive their content.

Webmastering Mars: Traffic on Mars
by Chuck Toporek
An overview of how some of the mirror sites performed on their first big day of traffic, and some little known facts of how they impacted the Net.

Webmastering Mars: An interview with JPL's Richard Pavlovsky
by Chuck Toporek
A RealAudio interview with one of the members of the Web development team for JPL's Mars Pathfinder site.

Design to Discourage Wandering
by Keith Instone
The columnist for Usability Matters takes a look at the Mars Pathfinder Web site and offers three solutions to keep visitors from getting lost in space.

The Internet Hour: Mars, the Red Planet
by David Sims
Another look at a previous issue of The Internet Hour, and at sites with a different slant on Mars.

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