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News From Sojourner

July 6, 1997, 11:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT)

Sojourner is on the surface and will be moving to place its APXS on the first selected rock. Meanwhile, new pictures!

July 5, 1997, 11:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT)

Success! The Sojourner Rover has rolled out onto the surface of Mars!

July 4, 1997 10:07 am Pacific Daylight Time


July 3, 1997, 10:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT)

Where is Mars Pathfinder right now and what is the current landing estimate? (updated 3 July 1997)

July 2, 1997 10:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Thirty six hours left until landing.

Rover Telecommunications - how does it work? (Also included: movies of the Rover...)

What does the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft look like in 3-D? VRML models and animations galore!

July 1, 1997, 10:30 am PDT

Three days and counting...

Hubble Space Telescope observes the Mars Pathfinder landing site (27 June 1997)!

NASA-TV Schedule for 1 July - 17 July (STS-94 Shuttle mission and Mars Pathfinder Briefings and events)!

The Mission Timeline for July 4 and 5!

How does Mars Pathfinder retract its airbags and right itself once on the surface of Mars? Watch the movie!

Ever wonder what exactly is going to happen on 4 July during Entry, Descent and Landing?

Take a Tour of Ares Vallis (courtesy of David Palermo, an artist and Mars fan, and Quicktime VR)!

All you wanted to know about Mars Pathfinder Navigation! How it works, why it works, and why we need Trajectory Correction Maneuvers...

Subscribe to the Mars Pathfinder Mission Status mailing list! Or, if you just need a list of Mars Pathfinder Mission Status reports...

The Mars Pathfinder Assembly Process in Words and Pictures!

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers!

For a Project Status Report by telephone, please call 1-800-391-6654 and follow the instructions.

About the Rover

How did the Rover get its name? The story of Sojourner.

Sojourner in the News

A General Mission Overview of the Rover

A complete text description of the Rover


Other Mars Links

Too many to list here, a whole page of nothing but links (in text only)!

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