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Other Mars Links

Image of Mars from the Viking 1 Lander

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Launch & Cruise | Landing Site | Education & Outreach]

Related Robotics Links

NASA Space Telerobotics Program

JPL Mechanical Systems Engineering and Research Division (350).

JPL Mechanical Engineering Section (352)

Mars Pathfinder

The Mars Pathfinder Home Page, where you will find many, many links to general and specific Mars information (some of which are repeated below)

Mars, The Red Planet

Mars Fact Sheet compiled by the National Space Science Data Center

See the Latest Images of Mars Taken by Astronomers from Around the World! (Updated 3 July 1997)

With all the interest in possible ancient life on Mars discovered in a meteorite- go to The Mars Meteorite Home Page for a closer look at these fascinating objects!

MSSS Viking Image Archive

MarsWatch 1996-1997

The MarsWatch FTP site

Mars ALPO Albedo map

A browsable online atlas of Mars containing USGS maps and raw Viking orbiter images

Launch & Cruise

Prelaunch and Launch

McDonnell Douglas Delta II

Beautiful new launch photographs (released 4 February 1997)!


Trajectory Correction Maneuver-3: Successful! (Mars Pathfinder Mission Status Report - 9 May 1997)

Watch over our shoulders as we perform Operational Readiness Test #5!
See the action direct from the Mars Room!

Trajectory Correction Maneuver-2 (4 February 1997) was successful!

Mars Pathfinder Cruise and Mars Approach Activities

Landing Site

Just how big is the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site anyway?

Landing Site Description from the National Space Science Data Center

Ames Research Center Viking Image Archive Page of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site

Education & Outreach

red_bullet_half.gifGo to the superb educational resources at Live from Earth and Mars, presented to you by the University of Washington!

red_bullet_half.gifCheck out the excellent education site, Live From Mars, with resources for students AND teachers!

red_bullet_half.gifDownload And Build Your Own Model Of The Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft!

red_bullet_half.gifLook at Mars Pathfinder Education And Outreach Efforts Over The Past Few Months!

red_bullet_half.gifA General Overview Of Mars From JPL's Tour Of The Planets

red_bullet_half.gifSee The Excellent Resources At The Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program Brought To You By Arizona State University

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