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Below are VRML models of the terrain around the Sagan Memorial Station on Mars. They were produced by analyzing the left eye and right eye images returned from the IMP camera, and calculating a 3D map of the terrain. Then, the camera images were draped onto the terrain as image textures, which gives the model a very realistic appearance. You will notice that from some viewpoints, such as directly overhead, the terrain looks stretched out when you look away from the lander. Also, some large objects like boulders, cast shadows behind them. These shadows look like "holes" in the terrain. These distortions occur because the IMP camera is mounted on the lander and can only see the objects visible from one point. To see the original viewpoint from which the images were taken, select the "lander" view in your browser. From that view, turning left and right allows you to see what the IMP camera saw when it took the images. In addition, each VRML model has numerous pre-defined viewpoints, through which you can navigate.

Latest Pathfinder download - July 19, 1997 16:30:00 PDT

VRML 2.0 Files

Each of the models presented here show the Sagan Memorial Station, the Sojouner rover (with the rover's estimated path and latest position), the surrounding terrain, and numerous billboard objects of areas of interest within the landing site. Each of these models have been tested with Cosmo Player (version 1.0). These VRML 2 models are presented in a number of different terrain model resolutions. For best viewing, please pick the appropriate model for your computer and network configuration.
Important Note: Even the highest resolution model presented here is significantly lower in resolution than the original Pathfinder science data. Consequently, some artificats resulting from compression and polygon reduction may be present.

Overview 1 Lowest Resolution model (~260 KB) This is the lowest resolution model with both reduced polygon count and low resolution terrain textures. We recommend this model if you are connecting through a lower speed modem (14.4K) and/or if you are running on lower speed Pentium class system (<100MHZ). NOTE: With a 14.4K modem connection you will be in for a bit of a wait.
No Textures Lowest Resolution model with Non-Textured Terrain (~245 KB) Certain browser or computer configurations may experience problems rendering the previous VRML model with textured terrain. This VRML model is identical to the model above with the exception that the terrain is not textured. If you experience problems viewin the previous textured mode (washed-out terrain, improper texture placements) or if you find rendering performance a problem, this non-textured model may provide a viewing alternative. In addition, by looking at the un-adorned terrain of this model, you may see certain geometric nuances that are not obvious in the textured model.
Overview 2 Low Resolution model (~325 KB) If you are connected via a 28.8 modem and if you have a newer Pentium class system (>100MHZ), then we recommend this model as a more accurate alternative to the previous models. The high polygon count of this model makes for a dramatic difference in viewing quality.
No Textures 2 Low Resolution model with Non-Textured Terrain (~305 KB) This VRML model is identical to the model above with the exception that the terrain is not textured. In addition to rendering performance considerations, viewing the 18k polygon terrain without texture may provide some insight not apparent in the textured terrain.
Rover Medium Resolution model (~700 KB) This model has a moderate level of polygon reduction and higher resolution textures on the terrain. If you are connected via an ISDN modem and if you have a high end PC or medium performance workstaion then we recommend this model. The improvement in quality through the use of higher resolution terrain textures is very apparent in this model.
Barn-Bill High Resolution model (~1800 KB) This model is the highest resolution model of the terrain currently available with high resolution terrain textures. In general you should NOT even think about loading this model unless you have very good connectivity (T1).

Stay tuned...

to see the latest visualizations from Mars Pathfinder! We will be updating these models often with new Sojouner path data, more billboards and higher quality.

Coming soon...

Higher resolution terrain models, more billboards and a version using frames permitting you to access pictures from the image archive from within the model.

The models you see here were developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in cooperation with The Intelligent Mechanisms Group at the NASA Ames Research Center and Fourth Planet, Inc.

Sojouner rover model provided by Silicon Graphics.

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