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Tuning in Mars

Extraterrestrial Spaceship The Martian invasion was heard round the world when Orson Welles broadcast a radio adaption of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938. There have been many productions since then but Welles' show is by far the most famous and infamous, since it caused true terror in the United States.

The Martian allure has grown even larger with Hollywood's help. Films such as Red Planet and Mission to Mars are installments in sci-fi celluloid. From the goofy to the terrifying, filmgoers have been traveling to the Red Planet since the early days of the film industry. It makes one wonder, did Martians invade Hollywood?

Below are some of the films to look for in your video store.

Movie Title Year
The Martian 2015
John Carter 2012
Mars Needs Moms 2011
Princess of Mars 2009
War of the Worlds 2 2008
Martian Child 2007
Doom 2005
War of the Worlds 2005
Crimson Force 2005
Ghosts of Mars 2001
Red Planet 2000
Mission to Mars 2000
Mars Attacks! 1996
Total Recall 1990
Lobster Man from Mars 1989
Invaders from Mars 1986
Planet of Blood 1966
Mars Needs Women 1966
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1964
Robsinson Crusoe on Mars 1964
The Angry Red Planet 1959
Conquest of Space 1955
Devil Girls from Mars 1954
The War of the Worlds 1953
Invaders from Mars 1953
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars 1953
Red Planet Mars 1952
Flight to Mars 1951
Rocketship X-M 1950
Flash Gordon: Mars Attacks the World 1938
Aelita: Queen of Mars 1924