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Habitability, Taphonomy, and Curiosity’s Hunt for Organic Carbon
By John Grotzinger

This blog entry from John Grotzinger, the project scientist for NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, was originally prepared for use by the Planetary Society and explains the importance of some of the rover's findings.
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Growing Up at JPL
By Clara Ma

I was lucky enough to have spent a portion of my childhood with the intelligent, humble and incredibly dedicated men and women who work here at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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From Landing to Sophomore Year and Back Again
By Clara Ma

While the Curiosity rover is busy exploring the Martian surface, I'm busy trying to find my place in high school and at JPL.
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Why Everyone is After the Elusive "All Access" Badge
By Jeffrey Marlow

“Where will you be watching Curiosity’s landing?” That’s the question floating around Pasadena today, in hotel lobbies and coffee shops, as an estimated 15,000 people have descended
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Measured in Hours
By Jeff Norris

I was working late last night helping to put the finishing touches on the many ways that we're sharing tonight's landing with the world, but I did pause for a moment as the countdown clock on my screen raced past the one day mark.
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Where to Draw the Lines? A Mapping Project
By Jeffrey Marlow

As Curiosity hurtles toward its landing site at Gale Crater, the Entry, Descent, and Landing team has taken center stage.
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Onward to Mars!
By Jordan Evans

It’s 4 days until landing. As I drove in to work this morning, I was thinking about the many things that we’ve fixed on the Mars Science Laboratory over the past 6 years.
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