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European Space Agency

ESA team members

U.S. Participants
Project Manager: Thomas Thompson
MARSIS Instrument Manager: William Johnson

Beagle 2 Co-Investigator Mahadeva Sinha
Interdisciplinary Scientist / HRSC Co - Investigator Tom Duxbury
Interdisciplinary Scientist Everett Gibson
PFS Co-Investigator Sushil Atreya
ASPERA Co-Investigator David Winningham
MaRS Co-Investigator Len Tyler
MaRS Team Member Dick Simpson
MaRS Team Member David Hinson
MaRS Investigation Scientist Sami Asmar
SPICAM and ASPERA Co-Investigator Bill Sandell
SPICAM Co-Investigator Alan Stern
OMEGA-CRISM Collaborator Ray Arvidson
OMEGA-CRISM Collaborator Dick Morris
OMEGA-CRISM Collaborator Jack Mustard
HRSC Co-Investigator Mike Carr
HRSC Co-Investigator Ron Greeley
HRSC Co-Investigator Jim Head
HRSC Co-Investigator Randy Kirk
HRSC Co-Investigator Steve Squyres
HRSC Co-Investigator Tom McCord
MARSIS Co-Principal Investigator Jeff Plaut
MARSIS Co-Investigator Don Gurnett
MARSIS Co-Investigator Ellen Stofan
MARSIS Participating Scientist Steve Clifford
MARSIS Participating Scientist William Farrell
MARSIS Participating Scientist Carl Leuschen
MARSIS Participating Scientist Roger Phillips
MARSIS Participating Scientist Tom Watters
MARSIS Investigation Scientist Ali Safaeinili



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