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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Undergoes Memory Update
Other orbiters will continue relaying data from Mars surface missions for a two-week period. MORE
Nine Finalists Chosen in Mars 2020 Rover Naming Contest
Nine finalists have been chosen in the essay contest for K-12 students across U.S. to name NASA's next Mars rover. Now you can help by voting for your favorite. Read More › Read Essays ›
NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Completes Its First Drive
In a 10-plus-hour marathon, the rover steered, turned and drove in 3-foot (1-meter) increments over small ramps. MORE
Mars 2020 Launch Blog
Get the latest updates as Mars 2020 gets ready for launch. MORE
NASA's Treasure Map for Water Ice on Mars
A new study identifies frozen water just below the Martian surface, where astronauts could easily dig it up. MORE
Two Rovers to Roll on Mars Again
Curiosity and Mars 2020 rovers look like twins. But under the hood, the rover currently exploring the Red Planet and the one launching there this summer have distinct science tools and roles to play. MORE