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Mars Roadshow

We are going on the road and coming to a city near you! Stop by, chat with NASA scientists and engineers, and learn about Mars Quakes, and how InSight will study in-depth the "inner space" of Mars: its crust, mantle and core. Cities and Tour Dates ››

Mars Education

Teachable Moment: Find out how to turn NASA's newest Mars mission into a teachable moment for students.

Lessons and Activities: Explore a collection of standards-aligned STEM lessons and activities all about Mars.

Over a million names were submitted to be sent to Mars

If you sent your name on the InSight lander. Find your boarding pass here! Missed your chance? Learn about the next opportunity to register.

Mars Facts

Mars planet facts and information. Compare Earth & Mars. Fun science images for kids, school, family & space fans. Mars in space, night sky & history.

Ask NASA Mars

Ask a Mars questions and get facts. Information about Mars missions, rovers, orbiters, landers, astronauts and human exploration.