-Archived page (InSight successfully landed on Mars and began surface operations on Nov. 26, 2018.)
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InSight Is Catching Rays on Mars

InSight Is Catching Rays on Mars

November 26 at 7:26 PM PT

The lander has sent data indicating its solar panels are open and receiving sunlight to power its surface operations.
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November 26

  • First Image
    Updated at 12:04 PM PT
    NASA's InSight Lander has returned its first picture from Mars via the MarCO CubeSat mission.
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  • NASA's InSight Spacecraft Has Touched Down on Mars
    Updated at 11:54 AM PT
    Mission controllers at NASA-JPL have received a signal from NASA's InSight lander on the Mars surface via MarCO and a beep from InSight's X-band radio. In the coming hours, engineers will be checking on the spacecraft's health.
  • InSight Blazes Through Top of Martian Atmosphere
    Updated at 11:47 AM PT
    NASA's InSight has begun its entry, descent and landing phase at Mars. Within seven minutes of entering the atmosphere, the spacecraft is expected to deploy its parachute, separate from its heat shield, pop out its landing legs, turn on its landing radar and start firing its retrorockets as it separates from its back shell. Touchdown is expected around 11:54 a.m. PST (2:54 p.m. EST). Optional text: If the MarCO technology demonstration is not relaying data about InSight’s milestones, this does not affect whether InSight itself completes these activities.
  • MarCO CubeSats Relaying InSight Data
    Updated at 11:46 AM PT
    The first CubeSats to deep space -- Mars Cube One A and B -- have begun to relay communications from the InSight spacecraft as it lands on Mars. MarCOs' transmissions may be interrupted during the landing process, but their signals do not affect whether InSight completes its activities.
  • InSight Prepares to Enter Martian Atmosphere
    Updated at 11:40 AM PT
    NASA's InSight lander has separated from the cruise stage. It is turning to orient its heat shield in preparation for the entry, descent and landing process at Mars.
  • InSight Nearing Mars
    Updated at 10:30 AM PT
    Mission controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, have completed the final adjustments for landing NASA's InSight spacecraft on Mars. Atmospheric entry is expected around 11:47 a.m. PST (2:47 p.m. EST) and touchdown, about seven minutes later.
  • InSight Nearing Mars
    Updated at 6:09 AM PT
    NASA's InSight spacecraft is on target for Mars landing at around noon PST today.
  • November 25

  • Final Trajectory Maneuver Completed

    NASA's InSight spacecraft has completed its final maneuver to target the site for Monday’s Mars landing.
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  • InSight Team Prepares for Mars Landing

    NASA's InSight spacecraft -- the first to study Mars' deep interior -- is nearing the Red Planet. On Monday, InSight is expected to touch down on the surface of Mars just before noon PST (3 p.m. EST).
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