Mars Landing

InSight touched down on Mars at 11:52:59 a.m. PST (2:52:59 p.m. EST) on Nov. 26, 2018. The lander plunged through the thin Martian atmosphere, heatshield first, and used a parachute to slow down. It fired its retro rockets to slowly descend to the surface of Mars, and landed on the smooth plains of Elysium Planitia.

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Why did InSight Land at Elysium Planitia?

InSight's goal was to study the interior of Mars and take the planet's vital signs, its pulse, and temperature. To look deep into Mars, the lander needed to be at a place where it could stay still and quiet for its entire mission. That's why scientists chose Elysium Planitia as InSight's home.

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