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Perseverance Highlights: On Feb. 18, 2021, the Mars Perseverance rover made its harrowing landing at Jezero Crater. Almost immediately, the rover began an expedition to collect a geologically diverse set of rock samples that could help answer the question if Mars once had ancient microbial life. Perseverance has identified those rocks, cored, sealed them and set several sample tubes down on the crater floor for a future mission to pick up.

Rover Highlights from First Two Years:

  • Collected and sealed 18 samples
  • Set down a depot of 10 sample tubes
  • Produced oxygen on Mars with the MOXIE instrument
  • Used ground penetrating radar to study underground rock layers
  • Use a suite of techniques to identify various minerals and organic molecules

Mars Photo Booth

Put on your birthday hat, get out the cake and put yourself next to the rover in this fun Photo Booth. Pets and family members are welcome. Share your photos on social media and don't forget to tag them #MarsPerseverance.

Photo representing a person on Mars next to the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter
A shadow of a person and dog on Martian terrain
Photo representing two people on Mars next to the Ingenuity helicopter

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Mars Rock Samples

Get high-level information about the diverse set of samples the rover has collected.

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View the raw images returned by the rover and see the public's favorites.

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Your Name on Next Flight to Mars

Download and share your Perseverance boarding passes and sign up to have your name ride on the future Mars Sample Return mission, which would pick up the samples collected by Perseverance.

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Sounds of Mars

Listen to the subtle differences betweens sounds on Earth versus how they would sound on Mars. Then record your own greeting to hear what you would sound like on Mars.

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Explore With Perseverance

Take a self-guided tour of each of the sites where the rover has collected samples and learn about some key spots of interest. Made from real images taken from the rover, it's the next best thing to being there. Also available for select VR devices.

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