Science Definition Team

NASA will openly compete the opportunity for the mission's specific science payload, following established processes of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. NASA has begun this process with the establishment of a science definition team tasked to outline the mission's scientific objectives.

Read the Science Definition Team's Charter.


Jack Mustard Brown University


Mark Adler Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abby Allwood Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jim Bell Arizona State University
William Brinckerhoff NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Michael Carr US Geological Survey, ret.
Dave DesMarais NASA Ames Research Center
Bret Drake NASA Johnson Space Center
Ken Edgett Malin Space Science Systems
Jen Eigenbrode NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Lindy Elkins-Tanton Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington
John Grant Smithsonian Institution
Doug Ming NASA Johnson Space Center
Scott Murchie Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Tullis Onstott Princeton University
Steve Ruff Arizona State University
Mark Sephton Imperial College London
Andrew Steele Carnegie Institution of Washington
Allan Treiman Lunar & Planetary Institute

Supporting Resources

Matt Wallace Mars 2020 Pre-Project Team, JPL
Sarah Milkovich SDT Documentarian, JPL

NASA Point of Contact

Mitch Schulte Mars 2020 Program Scientist, NASA HQ


Michael Meyer Mars Lead Scientist, NASA HQ
George Tahu Mars 2020 Program Executive, NASA HQ
David Beaty Acting Project Scientist, Mars Program Office, JPL
Deborah Bass Acting Deputy Proj. Sci, Mars Program Office, JPL
Jim Garvin Science Mission Directorate, NASA HQ
Mike Wargo Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate, NASA HQ
Jorge Vago European Space Agency