Send Your Name to Mars

Send Your Name to Mars Again ›

If you sent your name on the Mars 2020 rover, find your boarding pass here! Missed your chance to fly with Perseverance? Sign up to send your name with a future Mars mission.

Mission to Mars collage

Mission to Mars Student Challenge ›

Students can design and build a mission to Mars with a five week student challenge that culminates with the Perseverance rover landing on Feb. 18. Pre-register in the Mission to Mars Student Challenge.

Dive Into Your Virtual Landing Packet ›

This interactive flipbook is packed with all the information you need to get ready for the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover landing. Flip through the interactive packet, or download the PDF.

Sounds of Mars

Sounds of Mars ›

Grab your headset, turn up the volume and listen for the subtle differences between the sounds on Earth versus how they would sound on the Red Planet.

Mars photobooth

Create Fun Photos With Our Mars Photo Booth ›

Pose next to the Perseverance rover, see yourself on Mars or put yourself in mission control. You can upload your favorite picture, choose a background, and download your image.

graphic of parachute

#CountdownToMars ›

Watch the Perseverance rover’s landing on Feb. 18, then send in your reaction videos as we complete the #CountdownToMars.

Mars Lessons

Learn More With Mars Lessons ›

Access Mars lessons and activities on NASA JPL's Education website.

Mars Activities

Try Out Mars Activities for Students ›

Launch rockets, build robots, explore your world and beyond! Our projects, toolkit and contests will take you into space without ever leaving Earth.

Ask NASA Mars

Ask NASA Mars ›

Ask a question about Mars, and get info all about the Red Planet, and how we explore it with rovers, orbiters and landers and someday, astronauts.

Mars Rover Driving Game

Test Drive A Mars Rover Driving Game ›

Always wanted to cruise around on the surface of another planet? Well, you’re in luck! In Explore Mars, you will be 'driving' a rover on Mars and collecting information about Martian rocks.