Send Us Your #CountdownToMars

We want to hear your #CountdownToMars

Launching to Mars is hard—and in these times, even harder—but NASA’s Perseverance rover team has met the challenge. Help us get ready for the upcoming launch by taking part in a global, collective #CountdownToMars.

It’s not every day you can help send a mission off to Mars! If you’ve ever dreamed of working in mission control, here’s your chance to show us what you’ve got and be part of history!

How to participate:

Record your own version of a launch countdown (ideas below!).
Share your video on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
Tag your post with the hashtag #CountdownToMars.

If your countdown hits the mark, we may share it on our NASA social media accounts, and even feature it on launch day — July 30, 2020!

Tune in and Watch Online

What Makes a Great Countdown?

To hear what goes into a real Mars launch countdown, here’s a great example from the Curiosity rover launch.

We want to hear YOUR version!

If you could do the launch countdown, what would you say? Some suggestions:

  • Get your kids and/or pets involved
  • Role play as a NASA flight director
  • Give us your best announcer voice
  • Send your “bon voyage” and best wishes to Perseverance
  • Cheer, hold up signs, make costumes — you name it!
“Propulsion — Go!”
“Hydraulics — Go!”
“Launch Director is GO.”

Extra Credit Ideas

Pick up some extra lingo from a pre-launch status check:
Make it sound really official with a short sendoff, like the ones that follow NASA launches:
  • “And...liftoff of the Atlas V with Curiosity, seeking clues to the planetary puzzle about life on Mars.”
  • “And...liftoff of the Atlas V with InSight, the first outer space robotic explorer to study the interior of Mars.”
  • “And...liftoff of the Atlas V with MRO, surveying for the deepest insights into the mysterious evolution of Mars.”
  • “And...liftoff of the Atlas ‘Five’ with the Perseverance rover, [YOUR SENDOFF HERE].”

#CountdownToMars: Terms and Conditions

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