Name the Rover Contest

Name the Rover Contest

Lesson Plans & Activities

Learning About Mars

NGSS Aligned Mars Lesson plans

NGSS Aligned Mars Lesson plans ›

This collection will help you teach the core concepts in science and engineering through the excitement of Mars exploration.

Mission to Mars Unit from JPL

Mission to Mars Unit from JPL ›

In this collection of lessons students will learn about Mars, design a mission to explore Mars, build and test model spacecraft, and engage in scientific exploration.

Crustal Materials from Mystery Planet

Crustal Materials from Mystery Planet ›

Students will use samples of "crustal material" to sort, classify and make observations about an unknown planet.

Mission to Mars: Traveling to Space

Mission to Mars: Traveling to Space ›

Students work collaboratively to tackle the same challenges confronting scientists in the effort to travel to Mars.

Rover Design and Engineering

Robotic Arm Challenge

Robotic Arm Challenge ›

Students will engage in the engineering design process to design, build and operate a robotic arm.

Marsbound: Mission to the Red Planet

Marsbound: Mission to the Red Planet ›

Student teams sending a mission to Mars will prioritize communication, computer systems, and scientific instruments while staying within their mass, power and budget limitations. 

Planetary Pasta Rovers

Planetary Pasta Rovers ›

Using only dry pasta and glue, students will design a rover that will travel down a ramp and across the floor using the same design process that engineers use to improve their designs.

Rover races

Rover Races ›

In this challenging and fun kinesthetic lesson, students will understand the challenges in long distance communications that engineers face on NASA missions.

Roving on the Moon

Roving on the Moon ›

Students will follow the engineering design process to design and build a rover, figure out how to use rubber bands to spin the wheels, and improve their design based on testing results.

Design a Crew Exploration Video

Design a Crew Exploration Video ›

Students will design, build, test and improve a crew capsule capable of carrying two "passengers" and floating in water for one minute without leaking.

Lessons and Resources about Astrobiology 

Astrobiology Learning Materials

Astrobiology Learning Materials ›

Videos, web interactives and lesson plans on the basics of astrobiology

Astrobio Bound

Astrobio Bound ›

This collection of lessons gives students the opportunity to identify an astrobiologically significant target of interest and allowing them to plan their own NASA mission within in our Solar System.

Explore: Life on Mars

Explore: Life on Mars ›

Through hands-on investigations and discussions, children will build an understanding of five key messages relating to the search for life on Mars.

Looking for Life

Looking for Life ›

Students will use research to develop an operational definition of life and then use the basic criteria for life to examine "extraterrestrial" soil samples for signs of life.

Preparing for Human Exploration of Mars

The Air up There

The Air up There ›

In this activity, students will design an air-recycling system capable of capturing simulated carbon dioxide so astronauts can breathe safely while on the International Space Station or a future Mars mission.