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Rock Library

A-Diorite | Dolomite-Lamprophyre | Latite-Scoria | Serpentinite-Z

actinolite_schist alkalic_granite
Actinolite schist Alkalic granite
alkalic_syenite amygdaloidal_basalt
Alkalic syenite Amygdaloidal basalt
andalusite_slate anorthosite
Andalusite slate Anorthosite
aplite argillaceous_sandstone
Aplite Argillaceous sandstone
argillaceous_shale arkose
Argillaceous shale Arkose
augen_gneiss basalt
Augen_gneiss.jpg Basalt.jpg
bauxite biotite_gneiss
Bauxite Biotite gneiss
biotite_granite biotite_hornblende_granite
Biotite granite Biotite hornblende granite
calcareous_tufa carbonaceous_shale
Calcareous tufa Carbonaceous shale
chalk chert
Chalk Chert
cherty_limestone chlorite_schist
Cherty limestone Chlorite schist
cordierite_anthophyllite cordierite_hornfels
Cordierite anthophyllite skarn Cordierite hornfels
cummingtonite_schist dacite
Cummingtonite schist Dacite
diabase diabase_porphyry
Diabase Diabase porphyry
diatomaceous_earth diorite
Diatomaceous earth Diorite
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