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Human-Rover Partnership
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And Another One

View a larger image (40 kB) or learn about other sol 20 images.

Before leaving the current site, the rover was commanded to dig another trench. After executing a brief mobility maneuver to place the trenching wheel (left-front wheel) onto a designated soil target, a trench was dug. The trench operation was followed by backing the wheel out of the trench and capturing Navcam and Pancam imagery of the trench and surrounding targets at the current site. Next, the rover set out on a long traverse using its autonomous hazard avoidance capability which guided it through a set of 3 waypoints selected by rover engineers. The 18 meter (59 feet) drive was successful and upon completion, a new site was established and documented by a Navcam panorama.

Eddie Tunstel

Mark Powell

Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu

Eric Baumgartner


Jeff Norris


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