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Human-Rover Partnership
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Mission Distance Goal Achieved!


View a larger image b) (40 kB) or learn about other sol 23 images.

A short approach to a potential target was attempted and brought the rover's total distance traveled (odometer) to 201.78 meters (656 feet)! The science and engineering team had requirements to drive the rover 200 meters (650 feet) during the field test, and are pleased to have reached their goal.

The approach was commanded to get the rover closer to an area where scientists wished to use arm-mounted instruments. The initial approach did not leave the rover in exactly the right spot to deploy the arm, so an additional adjustment in proximity to the target became necessary to improve positioning of the Instrument Deployment Device (IDD) for more reliable in-situ instrument placements.

The good news was that the rover's location after the short approach found it in position for new targets of opportunity for arm-mounted instrument placement. The rover was now in position to complete one set of activities at the new site with the Instrument Deployment Device before making a short approach to the original target.

The rover is in good health and ready for sol 24 activities to be commanded.

Eddie Tunstel

Mark Powell

Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu

Eric Baumgartner


Jeff Norris


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Last Updated: 18 August 2002

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