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FIDO Student's Page
Human-Rover Partnership
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Students at work

During the FIDO field test, the science team used the rover to collect great information about the field site and practiced doing science in partnership with a robot. But what was it really like to be a part of the action? Ten students from around the nation found out as part of a student intern program. They came from Birmingham (Alabama), Haltom (Texas), Ithaca (New York), Los Angeles (California), and St. Louis (Missouri) to become part of the science team and run FIDO through its paces. And along the way they learned a lot about what it's like to do science in the fast-paced world of mission operations.

  1. Student Diaries: a "day in the life" of a student intern
  2. Student Stories: coverage of various aspects of the FIDO Field Test
  3. Student Image Products: work created by the interns
  4. Another Perspective:

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Last Updated: 05 September 2002

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