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Press Release Images: Spirit
This image shows 'Home Plate' as viewed from orbit. The image also shows the path that Spirit has followed.
Spirit's Recent Travels

"Home Plate" is viewed from orbit. North is at the top and the path followed by the rover Spirit is shown. This image was taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera on November 22, 2006.

Spirit parked at "Low Ridge" with an 11-degree northerly tilt to maximize sunlight on the solar panels during the southern winter season.

An un-labeled version is available:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona
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This 3 part image shows a. The northern edge of Home Plate, b. the coarse-grained lower unit, c. the fine-grained upper unit.
Layers at Home Plate

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit acquired this high-resolution view of intricately layered exposures of rock while parked on the northwest edge of the bright, semi-circular feature known as "Home Plate." The rover was perched at a 27-degree upward tilt while creating the panorama, resulting in the "U" shape of the mosaic.

(A) The northern edge of Home Plate, (B) the coarse-grained lower unit, (C) the fine-grained upper unit.

Spirit acquired 246 separate images of this scene using 6 different filters on the panoramic camera (Pancam) during the rover's Martian days, or sols, 748 through 751 (Feb. 9 through Feb. 12, 2006). The field of view covers 160 degrees of terrain around the rover.

An un-labeled version of full panorama is available:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS/Cornell
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This image sbows evedence of a volcanic explosion.  It shows both granular and masdsive textures.
Evidence of Volcanic Explosion

The lower coarse-grained unit shows granular textures toward the bottom of the image and massive textures. Also shown is a feature interpreted to be a "bomb sag," which is 4 centimeters across. This false color image was obtained using Spirit's panoramic camera.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS/Cornell
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