Dusty Rover Selfie

These two self-portraits show dust settling on the rover solar panels in January 2014 (left) and wiped clean by wind in late March 2014 (right). More dust equals less sun and reduced power for operations, so we like to see clean panels!
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  • Launch: July 7, 2003
  • Launch Vehicle: Delta II H
  • Arrival: Jan. 24, 2004 PST
    (Jan. 25. 2004 UTC)
  • Landing Site: Meridiani Planum
  • Mission Duration: 14+ years
  • Odometry: 28 miles (45 km)
  • Raw Images Returned: 217,000+
  • Instruments: Panoramic camera, Miniature thermal emission spectrometer, Moessbauer spectrometer, Alpha particle X-ray spectrometer, Microscopic imager, Rock abrasion tool, Navigation camera, Hazard-avoidance cameras
  • Homepage: Mission Website

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