Opportunity Update Archive: 2004

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sol 313-319 21-Dec-2004 Back on the Plains
sol 306-315 14-Dec-2004 Out of 'Endurance'
sol 292-298 06-Dec-2004 Edging Out of 'Endurance'
sol 285-291 23-Nov-2004 Finishing Up in 'Endurance'
sol 265-271 08-Nov-2004 Journey toward 'Burns Cliff' Continues
sol 258-264 22-Oct-2004 Wave Goodbye to 'Wopmay'
sol 251-257 22-Oct-2004 Welcome to 'Wopmay'
sol 245-250 13-Oct-2004 Working towards 'Wopmay'
sol 238-241 30-Sep-2004 Waking up from a Winter's Nap
sol 215-217 13-Sep-2004 Spectrometers Sample Clean and Dirty Targets
sol 211-214 09-Sep-2004 RAT is Rearin' to Go!
sol 209-210 31-Aug-2004 'Look Mom, no pebble!'
sol 204-208 30-Aug-2004 Trying Traverses
sol 200-203 23-Aug-2004 Opportunity Team Decides Against Dunes
sol 196-199 18-Aug-2004 Power Boost for Opportunity
sol 192-195 16-Aug-2004 Abrading 'Axel Heiberg'
sol 190-191 12-Aug-2004 Aiming for 'Axel Heiberg'
sol 188-189 09-Aug-2004 Opportunity Turns to Talk to Odyssey
sol 186-187 06-Aug-2004 "Tuktoyuktuk's" Turn
sol 181-185 03-Aug-2004 Opportunity Finishing Up at 'Karatepe'
sol 177-180 30-Jul-2004 Opportunity Sees Double
sol 174-176 27-Jul-2004 Opportunity Pokes Around Pig
sol 170-173 26-Jul-2004 Opportunity Lives High off the Hog
sol 166-169 20-Jul-2004 Opportunity Multi-Tasks on the Slopes of 'Endurance Crater'
sol 159-163 15-Jul-2004 Opportunity Reading Rocks Within its Reach
sol 154-158 07-Jul-2004 Opportunity Tests its Mettle on Slopes of 'Endurance Crater'
sol 150-153 01-Jul-2004 Ravenous Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 144-149 29-Jun-2004 RAT Hops from 'Virginia' to 'London'
sol 141-143 22-Jun-2004 Edging Down 'Endurance'
sol 138-140 18-Jun-2004 Diggin' into 'Tennessee'
sol 134-137 15-Jun-2004 Exploring Endurance
sol 130-133 10-Jun-2004 Opportunity Takes A Dip
sol 127-129 10-Jun-2004 To Ingress or Not to Ingress
sol 123 -127 10-Jun-2004 Opportunity Sols 123-127 Mission Update
sol 115-116 25-May-2004 Opportunity on the Edge
sol 112 18-May-2004 A Sol for Rest and Recharging
sol 107-111 17-May-2004 Opportunity Digs, Scuffs, and Cruises.
sol 103-106 13-May-2004 Crater Cruise
sol 101-102 10-May-2004 'Deep Sleep' Gives Opportunity More Energy to Cruise the Crater
sol 98-99 06-May-2004 An Eyeful at 'Endurance'
sol 94-97 03-May-2004 Opportunity Arrives at 'Endurance Crater'
sol 92-93 29-Apr-2004 Opportunity Edges Its Way Toward 'Endurance'
sol 90-91 27-Apr-2004 Opportunity Achieves Mission Success!
sol 88-89 27-Apr-2004 Finishing Up at 'Fram'
sol 87 23-Apr-2004 Opportunity Reviews Rock Abrasion Tool Hole
sol 86 23-Apr-2004 Rock Abrasion Tool Pesters 'Pilbara'
sol 85 21-Apr-2004 Finally at 'Fram'
sol 84 19-Apr-2004 On the Way to 'Fram Crater'
sol 81-82 17-Apr-2004 Record-Setting Drive
sol 80 15-Apr-2004 A Taxing Day at the Trench
sol 79 14-Apr-2004 Opportunity Wakes with New "Brainpower"
sol 78 12-Apr-2004 Opportunity Stands Down for Flight Software Update
sol 73 08-Apr-2004 Trough Tour Continues
sol 72 07-Apr-2004 Traveling Around the Trough
sol 70 06-Apr-2004 100-Meter Dash
sol 68-69 05-Apr-2004 Bidding Adieu to 'Bounce'
sol 67 02-Apr-2004 'Bounce' Barraged by Instruments
sol 66 01-Apr-2004 Biting into 'Bounce'
sol 65 31-Mar-2004 Opportunity 'Back in the Saddle'
sol 64 30-Mar-2004 Opportunity Takes a Breather
sol 60 26-Mar-2004 Opportunity and 'The Lion King'
sol 59 25-Mar-2004 Browsing Bright Material
sol 58 24-Mar-2004 Back to Bright Material
sol 57 22-Mar-2004 Opportunity Leaves the Nest
sol 56 21-Mar-2004 Try Again to Exit Crater
sol 54 20-Mar-2004 Sightseeing at Sweet Spots
sol 53 18-Mar-2004 Two Down, Three to Go
sol 52 17-Mar-2004 Scrutinizing the Soil
sol 51 16-Mar-2004 "Scuff and Go"
sol 50 15-Mar-2004 Finishing up at the Outcrop
sol 48 14-Mar-2004 Shark Ahead
sol 47 12-Mar-2004 Aiming for Shark's Tooth
sol 46 11-Mar-2004 Berry Nice News
sol 45 10-Mar-2004 Halfway Mark
sol 44 09-Mar-2004 Back to the Grind
sol 43 08-Mar-2004 More Mojo
sol 42 07-Mar-2004 No Hole This Time
sol 41 06-Mar-2004 Precision Driving after Mid-Sol Science
sol 40 05-Mar-2004 Opportunity Fit At Forty
sol 39 04-Mar-2004 An Armada of Arm Moves
sol 38 03-Mar-2004 Opportunity Hits Pay Dirt
sol 37 02-Mar-2004 Let's Go to 'Last Chance'
sol 36 01-Mar-2004 Moving On
sol 35 29-Feb-2004 "Guadalupe" Under the Microscope
sol 34 28-Feb-2004 Scratch and Sniff
sol 33 27-Feb-2004 Biting Blueberry Hill
sol 32 26-Feb-2004 New Communications Plan
sol 31 25-Feb-2004 Opportunity Gets an Attitude Adjustment
sol 30 24-Feb-2004 A Beautiful Grind
sol 28 22-Feb-2004 Busy Microscope at "El Capitan"
sol 27 21-Feb-2004 Supersized Science
sol 26 20-Feb-2004 Enter the Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 25 19-Feb-2004 Stutter Stepping to El Capitan
sol 24 18-Feb-2004 Peering into the Hole
sol 23 17-Feb-2004 Can You Dig It?
sol 22 16-Feb-2004 Check Before Digging
sol 21 15-Feb-2004 Dig this Place
sol 20 14-Feb-2004 Rover Says "No"
sol 19 12-Feb-2004 Intending to Trench
sol 18 12-Feb-2004 Extended Tour
sol 17 11-Feb-2004 Three-Day Tour
sol 16 09-Feb-2004 Slip Sliding Away
sol 15 08-Feb-2004 Opportunity Gets a Closer Look at the Outcrop
sol 14 07-Feb-2004 Opportunity Succeeds with First "Touch and Go"
sol 13 06-Feb-2004 Driving to "Snout"
sol 12 05-Feb-2004 Opportunity Passes Her Driver's Test!
sol 11 04-Feb-2004 Opportunity to "Stow and Go"