Opportunity Update Archive: 2005

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sol 675-681 22-Dec-2005 Evaluating Arm Positions
sol 668-674 16-Dec-2005 Robotic Arm Deployed
sol 661-667 09-Dec-2005 Encouraging Results from Shoulder-Motor Testing
sol 649-660 01-Dec-2005 Stalled Motor, Stowed Arm
sol 641-648 18-Nov-2005 Opportunity Gains Energy and Hits Four-Mile Mark
sol 633-640 11-Nov-2005 Observing the Outcrops
sol 631-634 04-Nov-2005 Dusting Off and Getting Back to Work
sol 627-630 02-Nov-2005 Dusty Weekend
sol 619-626 31-Oct-2005 Riding Ripples and Working Issues
sol 613-618 21-Oct-2005 Maneuvering Around Ripples
sol 606-612 17-Oct-2005 Around 'Erebus'
sol 599-605 11-Oct-2005 Opportunity Backs Out of Potentially Sticky Situation
sol 592-598 03-Oct-2005 Slight Hiccup Before Getting to 'Erebus Crater'
sol 586-591 22-Sep-2005 Approaching 'Erebus'
sol 580-585 19-Sep-2005 Erebus Bound
sol 574-579 19-Sep-2005 Heading for the Highway
sol 566-573 02-Sep-2005 Cautious Recovery
sol 560-565 30-Aug-2005 Recovering from a Reset
sol 552-559 19-Aug-2005 Opportunity Biting into 'Strawberry'
sol 544-551 18-Aug-2005 Opportunity Entering Cobble Field
sol 538-543 09-Aug-2005 On an Ice-Cream-Cone Outcrop
sol 531-537 02-Aug-2005 Exploring Southward
sol 524-530 25-Jul-2005 Rocks and Cobbles on the Way to 'Erebus'
sol 518-524 15-Jul-2005 Edging Toward 'Erebus'
sol 510-517 11-Jul-2005 Pushing Away from Purgatory
sol 503-509 11-Jul-2005 Done with this Dune
sol 497-502 05-Jul-2005 Back to 'Purgatory'
sol 490-496 17-Jun-2005 Examining 'Purgatory'
sol 484-489 10-Jun-2005 Opportunity is out!
sol 476-483 03-Jun-2005 Opportunity Working Its Way Out of Dune
sol 469-475 27-May-2005 Still Progressing Through Dune
sol 467-470 20-May-2005 Moving Slowly in the Dune
sol 465-466 17-May-2005 Progress Inch-by-Inch for Opportunity
sol 464 14-May-2005 Opportunity Begins Careful Rollout
sol 456-463 13-May-2005 Opportunity Mission Manager Report
sol 449-455 06-May-2005 Testing on Earth Before Moving on Mars
sol 447-448 03-May-2005 Continuing Exit Plan
sol 443-446 29-Apr-2005 Testing Options to Exit Dune
sol 438-442 26-Apr-2005 Continuing Southward
sol 430-437 18-Apr-2005 Steering Tests After a Long Drive
sol 421-429 12-Apr-2005 Opportunity visits 'Viking' and 'Voyager' craters
sol 415-420 31-Mar-2005 Soil Survey
sol 408-414 31-Mar-2005 Opportunity Continues to Set Martian Records
sol 403-407 31-Mar-2005 Opportunity's Cruisin'!
sol 396-402 17-Mar-2005 Opportunity Arrives at 'Vostok'
sol 389-395 15-Mar-2005 Examining a Little Crater Before Moving on Toward 'Vostok'
sol 380-388 07-Mar-2005 Opportunity Continues South with New Mobility Software
sol 374-379 22-Feb-2005 Opportunity Gets New Flight Software
sol 367-373 11-Feb-2005 Examining a Trench and Scuff
sol 360-366 04-Feb-2005 Poking Around on the Plains
sol 353-359 28-Jan-2005 Opportunity Continues on the Plains After Marking One Year on Mars
sol 347-352 24-Jan-2005 Opportunity Checks Out the First Meteorite Found on Another Planet!
sol 341-346 14-Jan-2005 Hovering Near Heat Shield and a Holey Rock
sol 333-340 14-Jan-2005 More Heat Shield Observations
sol 325-332 05-Jan-2005 Sizing Up the Heat Shield
sol 320-324 05-Jan-2005 Heading for the Heat Shield