Opportunity Update Archive: 2006

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sol 1029-1037 22-Dec-2006 Opportunity Continues to Look for Entry Point into 'Victoria Crater'
sol 1022-1028 18-Dec-2006 Opportunity Looks for Entry Point into Crater
sol 1016-1021 07-Dec-2006 Opportunity's Odometer Reaches Six-Mile Mark at 'Bottomless Bay'
sol 1002-1015 04-Dec-2006 Opportunity Tests New Driving Software and Helps Its Sister Spacecraft
sol 996-1001 01-Dec-2006 Passing the 1,000-Sol Mark
sol 968-995 13-Nov-2006 Opportunity on the Move after Solar Conjunction
sol 954-960 16-Oct-2006 On the Promontory
sol 947-953 29-Sep-2006 A View Worth Waiting For!
sol 941-946 22-Sep-2006 Nearly There!
sol 936-940 15-Sep-2006 Grinding into 'Cape Faraday'
sol 928-935 12-Sep-2006 Finishing Up Scuff Work and Heading for 'Emma Dean'
sol 920-927 01-Sep-2006 Inching Closer to 'Victoria'
sol 913-919 25-Aug-2006 Closer and Closer to 'Victoria'
sol 907-912 18-Aug-2006 Opportunity Observes 'Isabela'
sol 900-906 11-Aug-2006 Opportunity Recovers from Brief Operational Anomaly
sol 893-899 04-Aug-2006 Opportunity Examines Crater Ejecta, Grinds into Rock
sol 886-892 29-Jul-2006 Cleaning Event Gives Opportunity Renewed Energy
sol 879-885 21-Jul-2006 Bounding Toward 'Beagle Crater'
sol 872-878 20-Jul-2006 Next Stop: 'Beagle Crater'
sol 867-871 11-Jul-2006 Getting Closer to 'Victoria Crater'
sol 859-866 30-Jun-2006 Full Plate for Opportunity
sol 852-858 23-Jun-2006 Three Sols of Driving Gain 138 Meters
sol 844-851 15-Jun-2006 Opportunity Hits Five-Mile Mark
sol 837-844 09-Jun-2006 Opportunity on the Road Again
sol 833-837 01-Jun-2006 Digging Out of the Dune
sol 825-834 30-May-2006 Dug Into Loose Soil Again
sol 818-824 23-May-2006 Checking Out 'Cheyenne' and Testing Relay for Phoenix
sol 811-817 16-May-2006 Excellent Progress Toward 'Victoria Crater'
sol 804-810 04-May-2006 'Victoria' in View
sol 796-803 29-Apr-2006 Opportunity Hits 800 Sol Mark!
sol 789-797 21-Apr-2006 Making Progress Toward 'Victoria'
sol 785-790 18-Apr-2006 Hoppin' Toward 'Victoria'
sol 778-784 07-Apr-2006 Ripples and Outcrops
sol 762-770 27-Mar-2006 Continuing the Move Away from 'Erebus'
sol 757-763 19-Mar-2006 Parting With 'Payson'
sol 751-756 11-Mar-2006 Hawkeyeing from the 'Half Pipes'
sol 744-750 03-Mar-2006 Reading the Rocks
sol 735-743 24-Feb-2006 Opportunity Continues to Skirt Erebus Crater
sol 729-735 16-Feb-2006 Inspecting 'Bellemont'
sol 723-728 10-Feb-2006 Finishing Up at 'Olympia'
sol 715-721 02-Feb-2006 Mozart on Mars
sol 708-714 27-Jan-2006 Opportunity Takes Microscopic Images, Collaborates with European Mars Mission
sol 695-707 20-Jan-2006 Driving Again
sol 681-694 06-Jan-2006 Putting the Arm on 'Ted'