Opportunity Update Archive: 2008

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sol 1749-1755 30-Dec-2008 Looking Down and Looking Up
sol 1743-1748 23-Dec-2008 Taking a Close Look at "Santorini"
sol 1716-1742 17-Dec-2008 Post-Solar Conjunction Hangover
sol 1709-1715 19-Nov-2008 Opportunity Prepares for Two Weeks of Independent Study
sol 1702-1708 12-Nov-2008 Science Instrument Gets A Shaking
sol 1695-1701 05-Nov-2008 Opportunity Cleans the Chalkboard
sol 1688-1694 29-Oct-2008 Putting the Pedal to the Metal
sol 1681-1687 21-Oct-2008 Farewell, Victoria, and on to Endeavour!
sol 1674-1680 14-Oct-2008 Shake, Rattle, and Ready to Roll
sol 1669-1673 07-Oct-2008 Preparing for the Road Trip of a Lifetime
sol 1661-1668 02-Oct-2008 Opportunity Takes a Victory Lap
sol 1655-1660 24-Sep-2008 Road Trip Gets Under Way
sol 1648-1654 18-Sep-2008 Slipping Like a Dune Buggy
sol 1641-1647 11-Sep-2008 Playing in the Sand
sol 1634-1640 03-Sep-2008 Farewell, "Victoria"!
sol 1627-1633 27-Aug-2008 Poised to Exit "Victoria"
sol 1621-1626 20-Aug-2008 On the Exit Ramp
sol 1614-1620 14-Aug-2008 Opportunity Eyes Challenges Ahead
sol 1607-1613 07-Aug-2008 Heading for the Highway!
sol 1600-1606 30-Jul-2008 Opportunity to Exit "Victoria Crater"
sol 1593-1599 23-Jul-2008 Opportunity Fights Uphill Battle
sol 1586-1592 16-Jul-2008 Wheels Turn, Rover Slides
sol 1581-1585 09-Jul-2008 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
sol 1574-1580 04-Jul-2008 Rover Takes Photos of Scenic View
sol 1566-1573 26-Jun-2008 Happy Winter Solstice!
sol 1558-1565 18-Jun-2008 On the Move
sol 1551-1557 10-Jun-2008 Bustin' Loose!
sol 1545-1550 03-Jun-2008 On the Road Again!
sol 1539-1546 30-May-2008 Getting Ready to Roll
sol 1533-1538 22-May-2008 Opportunity Waves for the Camera
sol 1525-1532 15-May-2008 Injured Shoulder Joint Back in the Game
sol 1518-1524 07-May-2008 Opportunity Gearing Up for Attempt to Move Robotic Arm
sol 1511-1517 30-Apr-2008 Opportunity Continues to Investigate Robotic-Arm Anomaly
sol 1505-1510 23-Apr-2008 Opportunity Investigates Arthritic Joint
sol 1498-1504 17-Apr-2008 Opportunity Reverses Path
sol 1491-1497 09-Apr-2008 Driving on Mars Is Hard
sol 1484-1490 02-Apr-2008 Opportunity Goes Sightseeing
sol 1478-1483 26-Mar-2008 Opportunity Completes Dental Checkup
sol 1471-1477 20-Mar-2008 Opportunity Continues Reading the Story in the Rocks
sol 1463-1470 13-Mar-2008 Opportunity Finds More Evidence of Ancient Water
sol 1457-1462 4-Mar-2008 Opportunity Adjusts to Fluctuating Power Levels
sol 1451-1456 27-Feb-2008 Opportunity Studies Martian Dust and "Victoria Crater" Rocks
sol 1444-1450 21-Feb-2008 Multi-Tasking Rover Helps Pave the Way for Next Mars Mission
sol 1437-1443 14-Feb-2008 Opportunity Proceeds with Caution on Sandy Slopes
sol 1430-1436 7-Feb-2008 Opportunity Searches for Martian Frost
sol 1424-1429 31-Jan-2008 Opportunity Expands Geologic Studies in "Victoria Crater"
sol 1416-1423 24-Jan-2008 Opportunity Marks Fourth Anniversary on Mars
sol 1411-1415 16-Jan-2008 Plans Call for Opportunity to Drive Deeper into "Victoria Crater"
sol 1402-1410 11-Jan-2008 Opportunity Continues Exploration Despite Stall in Robotic Arm
sol 1396-1401 2-Jan-2008 Opportunity Works the Night Shift Inside "Victoria Crater"