Opportunity Update Archive: 2009

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sol 2104-2110 30-December-2009 Examining 'Marquette Island's' Interior
sol 2097-2103 23-December-2009 Grinding at Target 'Peck Bay'
sol 2091-2096 16-December-2009 Preparing to Grind
sol 2080-2090 10-December-2009 Another Side of 'Marquette'
sol 2076-2079 28-November-2009 Investigating 'Marquette' and 'Islington Bay'
sol 2069-2075 24-November-2009 'Marquette' Study Continues
sol 2063-2068 17-November-2009 'Marquette' Study Begins
sol 2057-2062 11-November-2009 Approaching "Marquette Island"
sol 2050-2056 05-November-2009 Five Drives
sol 2043-2049 29-October-2009 Southbound Progress
sol 2036-2042 21-October-2009 A Meteorite Called 'Mackinac'
sol 2029-2035 15-October-2009 Finished with 'Shelter Island'
sol 2021-2028 07-October-2009 Opportunity Knocks with Another Meteorite Find
sol 2015-2020 29-September-2009 Westbound Around Risky Region
sol 2009-2014 23-September-2009 Milestone 11
sol 2001-2008 17-September-2009 Departing Block Island
sol 1995-2000 08-September-2009 Circling the Meteorite
sol 1988-1994 02-September-2009 Fires in California Affect Operations
sol 1981-1973 26-August-2009 Meteorite Examination Continues
sol 1974-1980 19-August-2009 More Targets at 'Block Island'
sol 1968-1973 12-August-2009 Examining 'Block Island'
sol 1960-1967 05-August-2009 Meeting a Meteorite
sol 1954-1959 28-July-2009 Approaching 'Block Island' Cobble
sol 1947-1953 23-July-2009 Heading Toward 'Block Island' Cobble
sol 1940-1946 15-July-2009 On the Move Again
sol 1932-1939 08-July-2009 Examining 'Absecon'
sol 1927-1930 29-June-2009 At Outcrop for Study and Rest
sol 1920-1926 24-June-2009 Moving to Outcrop
sol 1913-1919 17-June-2009 Dust Mitigation Effort
sol 1906-1912 10-June-2009 Elevated Wheel Current Again
sol 1900-1905 03-June-2009 Southbound Progress
sol 1893-1899 28-May-2009 Passing The 10-Mile Mark
sol 1886-1892 20-May-2009 Opportunity Images Belly Pan to Help Spirit
sol 1879-1885 13-May-2009 Contact Investigation of Pebbles
sol 1872-1878 06-May-2009 Study an Outcrop While Resting a Wheel
sol 1866-1871 29-Apr-2009 Backing Off of a Ripple, Then a Rise in Wheel Current
sol 1859-1865 23-Apr-2009 Five Long Drives
sol 1852-1858 15-Apr-2009 Crater Hopping
sol 1844-1851 08-Apr-2009 Cleaning Event Boosts Energy
sol 1838-1843 31-Mar-2009 Examining Rock's Interior
sol 1831-1837 25-Mar-2009 Brushing and Examining an Outcrop
sol 1824-1831 19-Mar-2009 At Outcrop with Endeavour in Sight
sol 1818-1824 11-Mar-2009 Driving Anomaly
sol 1811-1817 04-Mar-2009 New Software Working Fine
sol 1803-1810 25-Apr-2009 Getting New Software
sol 1797-1802 17-Feb-2009 Checking the Right-Front Wheel
sol 1783-1790 04-Feb-2009 Cosmic Ray Ends One Drive Early
sol 1791-1796 11-Feb-2009 Long Drives
sol 1783-1790 04-Feb-2009 Cosmic Ray Ends One Drive Early
sol 1777-1782 27-Jan-2009 Five Years and 14 Kilometers
sol 1770-1776 21-Jan-2009 Happy Anniversary!
sol 1763-1769 14-Jan-2009 Home Is Where the Part Is
sol 1756-1762 07-Jan-2009 Opportunity Struggles Anew with Rock-Abrasion Tool