Opportunity Update Archive: 2011

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sol 2813-2817 27-Dec-2011 Positioned at Candidate Site for Winter
sol 2805-2812 22-Dec-2011 Wheel Passes Checkup After Stalled Drive
sol 2798-2804 13-Dec-2011 Opportunity at One of its Two Winter Spots
sol 2791-2797 06-Dec-2011 Opportunity to Stop and Study Rocks
sol 2784-2790 29-Nov-2011 Opportunity Spent Holiday at 'Turkey Haven'
sol 2778-2783 22-Nov-2011 Scouting Sites for the Winter
sol 2771-2777 16-Nov-2011 Nearing A Winter Haven
sol 2764-2770 08-Nov-2011 Rover Continues Studies While Heading North
sol 2757-2763 01-Nov-2011 On the Lookout for Light-Toned Material
sol 2751-2756 25-Oct-2011 Opportunity Continues to Drive North
sol 2745-2750 19-Oct-2011 Opportunity Past 21 Miles of Driving! Will Spend Winter at Cape York
sol 2738-2744 13-Oct-2011 Opportunity Keeps Rolling With an Eye on Future Havens for Next Winter
sol 2731-2737 06-Oct-2011 Opportunity is on the Move Again
sol 2723-2730 28-Sep-2011 Opportunity Studies Rock Interior
sol 2717-2722 20-Sep-2011 Opportunity Continues to Study 'Chester Lake' Rock Outcrop
sol 2710-2716 16-Sep-2011 Opportunity Studies 'Chester Lake' Rock Outcrop
sol 2703-2709 07-Sep-2011 Work Continues on Crater Rim
sol 2697-2702 31-Aug-2011 Finishing Work at Tisdale 2
sol 2690-2696 24-Aug-2011 Opportunity Studies Rocks on Crater Rim
sol 2682-2689 17-Aug-2011 Opportunity's Studying Small Crater on Rim of Large Crater
sol 2677-2681 09-Aug-2011 Opportunity Reaches Endeavour Crater!
sol 2670-2676 04-Aug-2011 Nearing First Landfall of Large Crater
sol 2663-2669 28-Jul-2011 Opportunity Completes Four Drives: Studies Rock Outcrop
sol 2656-2662 21-Jul-2011 Opportunity Past 20-Mile Mark As it Nears Large Crater
sol 2648-2655 13-Jul-2011 Opportunity Under One Mile from Crater Rim
sol 2641-2647 11-Jul-2011 Opportunity Nears Crater Rim
sol 2635-2640 28-Jun-2011 Opportunity Is Just Over a Mile From Crater Rim
sol 2629-2634 22-Jun-2011 Opportunity Getting Closer to Endeavour Crater
sol 2622-2628 16-Jun-2011 Solar Panels Cleaned: 19-Mile Mark Reached!
sol 2615-2621 08-May-2011 Opportunity Breaks Backward Driving Record!
sol 2608-2614 01-Jun-2011 Opportunity Studies Rock Outcrop
sol 2601-2607 25-May-2011 Opportunity Spies Outcrop Ahead
sol 2595-2600 18-May-2011 Endeavour Crater 3 Miles Ahead!
sol 2588-2594 12-May-2011 Opportunity Past 18-Mile Mark!
sol 2581-2587 04-May-2011 Opportunity Images Small Craters
sol 2573-2580 27-Apr-2011 Opportunity Makes Three Drives This Week
sol 2566-2572 19-Apr-2011 Making Progress to Endeavour Crater
sol 2560-2565 12-Apr-2011 Opportunity Just Four Miles from Endeavour Rim
sol 2554-2559 06-Apr-2011 Several Drives This Week Put Rover Over 17-Mile Mark!
sol 2546-2553 30-Mar-2011 Opportunity Completes Several Drives This Week
sol 2540-2545 22-Mar-2011 Opportunity Back on Path to 'Endeavour'
sol 2533-2539 16-Mar-2011 Opportunity Ready to Leave 'Santa Maria' Crater
sol 2527-2532 09-Mar-2011 Study of 'Ruiz Garcia' Rock Completed
sol 2520-2526 03-Mar-2011 Rover Snaps Close-Up of 'Ruiz Garcia'
sol 2512-2519 23-Feb-2011 Opportunity Hits the Road Again
sol 2500-2511 15-Feb-2011 Good Health Report After Hiatus in Communications
sol 2497-2499 03-Feb-2011 Opportunity Catching Rays
sol 2490-2496 31-Jan-2011 Rover Staying Busy While Mars is Behind the Sun
sol 2485-2489 24-Jan-2011 Rover Conducting Science at Crater Rim
sol 2478-2484 19-Jan-2011 Rover is Spending Several Weeks at Crater Rim
sol 2471-2477 11-Jan-2011 Rover Reaches Southeastern Rim of Santa Maria Crater
sol 2465-2470 04-Jan-2011 Rover Continues to Explore Santa Maria Crater