Opportunity Update Archive: 2012

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sol 3166-3173 27-Dec-2012 Working Through The Holidays
sol 3159-3165 19-Dec-2012 Shoulder Work At 'Copper Cliff'
sol 3152-3158 13-Dec-2012 Checking Out Rocks Targets
sol 3146-3151 6-Dec-2012 Opportunity Collects A Color Panorama And Continues Rock Studies
sol 3137-3145 28-Nov-2012 Opportunity Gets To Work On Interesting Rock Targets
sol 3133-3136 26-Nov-2012 'Matijevic Hill' Survey Complete And Rover Passes 22 Miles Of Driving!
sol 3125-3132 15-Nov-2012 Survey At 'Matijevic Hill' Wrapping Up
sol 3118-3124 7-Nov-2012 More Driving And Imaging At 'Matijevic Hill'
sol 3111-3117 1-Nov-2012 Survey Of 'Matijevic Hill' Continues
sol 3105-3110 25-Oct-2012 Survey Drives Of Local Area
sol 3098-3104 18-Oct-2012 Opportunity Is On The Move Around 'Matijevic Hill'
sol 3091-3097 12-Oct-2012 Robotic Arm Tools Get To Work On Rock Outcrop
sol 3085-3090 04-Oct-2012 The Hunt For Clay Minerals Continues
sol 3077-3084 28-Sept-2012 Rock Grinding Action
sol 3071-3076 19-Sept-2012 Robotic Arm Tools Get To Work
sol 3064-3070 17-Sept-2012 Robotic Arm Goes To Work
sol 3057-3063 17-Sept-2012 Opportunity Begins Examining Clay Minerals
sol 3051-3056 29-Aug-2012 Opportunity Exceeds 35 Kilometers Of Driving!
sol 3043-3050 29-Aug-2012 Opportunity Drives And Images Rock Outcrop
sol 3036-3042 14-Aug-2012 Opportunity is on the Move Again!
sol 3030-3035 07-Aug-2012 With Curiosity on the Surface Opportunity Will Resume Driving Soon
sol 3023-3029 01-Aug-2012 Opportunity Prepares for Curiosity's Arrival!
sol 3017-3022 24-Jul-2012 Opportunity Picks Up the Pace With Several Drives This Week
sol 3009-3016 18-Jul-2012 Slow-Going for Opportunity This Week
sol 3002-3008 10-Jul-2012 Opportunity Continues to Explore Rocks on the Rim of Endeavor Crater
sol 2997-3001 03-Jul-2012 Opportunity Celebrates 3,000 Martian Days of Operation on the Surface of Mars!
sol 2990-2996 28-Jun-2012 Opportunity Uses Robotic Arm Tools on Rock
sol 2981-2989 20-Jun-2012 Opportunity Drives A Little
sol 2975-2980 11-Jun-2012 Slow Going Due to Communication Issues
sol 2969-2974 05-Jun-2012 Robotic Arm Gets to Work on Veins of Gypsum
sol 2962-2968 30-May-2012 On The Hunt For Light-Toned Veins Of Gypsum
sol 2956-2961 23-May-2012 Waking Up with the Sun's Rays
sol 2948-2955 17-May-2012 Opportunity Drives to Dusty Patch of Soil
sol 2941-2947 08-May-2012 Opportunity on the Road Again!
sol 2935-2940 01-May-2012 Opportunity Getting Ready to Leave Her Winter Perch
sol 2927-2934 25-Apr-2012 Studies of 'Amboy' Rock Continue as Solar Energy Improves
sol 2922-2926 17-Apr-2012 Opportunity Benefits From Brighter Skies and Small Dust Cleaning of Solar Panels
sol 2914-2921 12-Apr-2012 Left-Front Wheel Stabilized
sol 2907-2913 03-Apr-2012 Small Wheel Spin and Steering Wiggle to Stabilize Left-Front Wheel
sol 2901-2906 27-Mar-2012 Slight Drop of Left-front Wheel
sol 2894-2900 21-Mar-2012 Slight Drop of Left-front Wheel
sol 2887-2893 14-Mar-2012 Energy Levels Expected to Rise
sol 2880-2886 07-Mar-2012 Winter Studies of 'Amboy' Rock Continue
sol 2873-2879 28-Feb-2012 Slight Cleaning of Solar Panels
sol 2866-2872 21-Feb-2012 More Doppler Tracking and Imaging
sol 2860-2865 14-Feb-2012 Rock Studies Continue for Opportunity
sol 2853-2859 08-Feb-2012 Energy Levels Decreasing
sol 2846-2852 01-Feb-2012 Radio Doppler Tracking Continues at Cape York
sol 2839-2845 24-Jan-2012 Science Investigations Continue as Solar Energy Levels Drop
sol 2833-2838 17-Jan-2012 Adjusting Robotic Arm on 'Amboy' Rock
sol 2825-2832 11-Jan-2012 Studying Rock Target 'Amboy'
sol 2818-2824 05-Jan-2012 Positioned at Candidate Site for Winter