Opportunity Update Archive: 2013

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sol 3510-3519 17-Dec-2013 On Location for Work During Holidays
sol 3508-3509 16-Dec-2013 Communications Slow, But Expected to Return to Normal This Week
sol 3499-3507 06-Dec-2013 Team Conducts Wheel Checkouts
sol 3495-3498 02-Dec-2013 Robotic Arm Within Reach of Rock Outcrop
sol 3486-3494 22-Nov-2013 Winter Means Less Power for Solar Panels
sol 3473-3478 07-Nov-2013 Maneuvering Around A Sandy Dune Field
sol 3467-3472 31-Oct-2013 Seeking the Sun's Rays as Winter Approaches
sol 3460-3466 25-Oct-2013 Busy Week of Science and Driving
sol 3453-3459 21-Oct-2013 Maintaining Favorable Tilt for Sunshine
sol 3445-3452 11-Oct-2013 Heading to a High Slope for Some Sunshine
sol 3438-3444 03-Oct-2013 Pointing the Cameras to Comet ISON
sol 3432-3437 30-Sept-2013 Taking Snapshots Galore at 'Solander Point'
sol 3426-3431 19-Sep-2013 Robotic Arm Goes to Work on Rock Target
sol 3418-3425 13-Sep-2013 Driving to New Rock Targets
sol 3411-3417 04-Sep-2013 Investigating 'Coal Island' Rock Outcrop
sol 3405-3410 29-Aug-2013 Examining Rocks Around Boulder Field
sol 3398-3404 22-Aug-2013 Scouting a Boulder Field
sol 3392-3397 16-Aug-2013 Snapping Pictures of the Martian Moons
sol 3385-3391 08-Aug-2013 Opportunity Reaches Base of 'Solander Point'
sol 3377-3384 06-Aug-2013 Taking Time to Study the Area Near 'Solander Point'
sol 3370-3376 25-Jul-2013 Opportunity Nears 'Solander Point'
sol 3364-3369 18-Jul-2013 Stopping for Science on the Way to 'Solander Point'
sol 3351-3363 10-Jul-2013 More Progress Toward 'Solander Point'
sol 3345-3350 27-Jun-2013 Opportunity Exceeds 37 Kilometers of Odometry!
sol 3340-3344 21-Jun-2013 Opportunity is Healthy and Driving to 'Solander Point'
sol 3317-3323 30-May-2013 Driving to 'Solander Point'
sol 3310-3316 24-May-2013 Departing 'Cape York'
sol 3303-3309 20-May-2013 Record-Setting Drive by Opportunity
sol 3296-3302 10-May-2013 Making Smallest Turn Yet, As Dust Storm Affects Rover
sol 3291-3295 02-May-2013 Rover Back in Action
sol 3279-3290 26-Apr-2013 Rover Telemetry Expected Today
sol 3275-3278 18-Apr-2013 Rover Quiet During Solar Conjunction
sol 3267-3274 12-Apr-2013 Waiting Out Solar Event
sol 3261-3266 10-Apr-2013 Quiet Period for Next Three Weeks
sol 3255-3260 29-Mar-2013 Opportunity Moves Into Place for Quiet Period of Operations
sol 3248-3254 21-Mar-2013 Opportunity Heads to Matijevic Hill
sol 3241-3247 15-Mar-2013 Opportunity Departing South Soon
sol 3234-3240 12-Mar-2013 Opportunity Examining Rock Surfaces After Reset
sol 3228-3233 1-Mar-2013 Short Bump Gets Robotic Arm Closer to Rock Target
sol 3220-3227 22-Feb-2013 'Big Nickel' Rock Target Ahead
sol 3214-3219 14-Feb-2013 Opportunity is on a Rock Hunt
sol 3208-3213 11-Feb-2013 Rover 'Walkabout' Continues at Cape York
sol 3200-3207 1-Feb-2013 Sampling Several Rock Targets
sol 3194-3199 24-Jan-2013 Opportunity At Work At 'Whitewater Lake'
sol 3187-3193 18-Jan-2013 Investigating Light-toned Veins in Rock Outcrop
sol 3181-3186 10-Jan-2013 Heading Toward Light-Toned Veins
sol 3174-3180 4-Jan-2013 Dust Cleaning At 'Vermillion' Targets