Opportunity Update Archive: 2014

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sol 3868-3874 19-Dec-2014 Rover No-Flash Mode
sol 3862-3867 11-Dec-2014 Flash-Memory Resets Continue
sol 3852-3861 03-Dec-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Planned
sol 3847-3851 27-Nov-2014 Giving Thanks for Opportunity's Great Work!
sol 3840-3846 19-Nov-2014 Marathon Driving to Marathon Valley
sol 3835-3839 11-Nov-2014 Several Drives Push Opportunity Over 41-Kilometer Mark!
sol 3827-3834 07-Nov-2014 Dust Levels Back to Normal
sol 3821-3826 30-Oct-2014 Dust Storm Watch
sol 3813-3820 27-Oct-2014 Opportunity Snaps Images of Comet Siding Spring
sol 3806-3812 16-Oct-2014 Prepping for Comet Siding Spring Imaging
sol 3799-3805 09-Oct-2014 Studying Blanket of Material Around 'Ulysses' Crater
sol 3793-3798 02-Oct-2014 Opportunity Takes Twilight Images; Preps for Comet Siding Spring Encounter
sol 3786-3792 27-Sep-2014 Opportunity's Heading to a Small Crater Called 'Ulysses'
sol 3779-3785 23-Sep-2014 Back to Driving
sol 3773-3778 12-Sep-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Successful!
sol 3767-3772 03-Sep-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat is Underway
sol 3759-3766 29-Aug-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Planned
sol 3752-3758 20-Aug-2014 Rover Suffers a Series of Resets This Week
sol 3745-3751 12-Aug-2014 Ground Control Restored Quickly After Reset
sol 3739-3744 07-Aug-2014 Opportunity Heads to 'Marathon Valley'
sol 3731-3738 31-Jul-2014 Opportunity Holds the Off-Earth Driving Distance Record
sol 3726-3730 22-Jul-2014 Opportunity Passes 25 Miles of Driving on Mars!
sol 3718-3725 17-Jul-2014 Opportunity Heads South Towards Valley A Mile Away
sol 3711-3717 08-Jul-2014 Rover Completes Study of Area with Aluminum Clay Minerals; Heads South
sol 3704-3710 01-Jul-2014 Rover Uses Arm to Study Several Rocks and Takes Panoramic Images
sol 3697-3703 30-Jun-2014 Rover Has Enough Energy for Some Late-Night Work
sol 3691-3696 17-Jun-2014 Imaging Mars' Moon Phobos
sol 3684-3690 11-Jun-2014 Opportunity is exploring the west rim of Endeavour Crater
sol 3677-3683 06-Jun-2014 Opportunity Recovering From Flash Memory Problems
sol 3672-3676 29-May-2014 Rover Corrects its Spacecraft Clock
sol 3663-3671 22-May-2014 Busy Week of Activities on Several Rock Targets
sol 3657-3662 16-May-2014 Opportunity Explores Region of Aluminum Clay Minerals
sol 3650-3656 07-May-2014 Aluminum Bound
sol 3645-3649 30-Apr-2014 Reset and Recovery
sol 3636-3644 24-Apr-2014 Rover Switches to Driving Backwards Due to Elevated Wheel Currents
sol 3630-3635 17-Apr-2014 Driving Up To Crater Rim
sol 3622-3629 11-Apr-2014 Getting in Place for a Better View of 'Endeavour Crater'
sol 3617-3621 07-Apr-2014 Further Southwest on 'Murray Ridge'
sol 3603-3609 24-Mar-2014 Helpful Wind Cleans Solar Panels
sol 3596-3602 14-Mar-2014 The Exploration of Murray Ridge Continues
sol 3589-3595 06-Mar-2014 Investigating 'Cook Haven'
sol 3581-3588 03-Mar-2014 Crushing Rocks With Wheels
sol 3576-3580 03-Mar-2014 Exploration of 'Murray Ridge'
sol 3568-3575 15-Feb-2014 Busy Week of Imaging and Robotic Arm Studies
sol 3561-3567 6-Feb-2014 'Pinnacle Island' Rock Studies Continue
sol 3554-3560 31-Jan-2014 Work on Mystery Rock Continues As Rover Marks 10 Years on Mars
sol 3548-3553 23-Jan-2014 Celebrating 10-Years on Mars!
sol 3541-3547 17-Jan-2014 Encountering a Surprise
sol 3535-3540 09-Jan-2014 Ten-Year Anniversary Nears
sol 3520-3534 01-Jan-2014 Clues from Orbit Aiding Exploration