Opportunity Update Archive

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sols 4935 - 494212/20/2017Opportunity Takes Extensive Imagery to Decide Where to Go
sols 4930 - 493412/13/2017Opportunity Comes to a Fork in the Road
sols 4924 - 492912/07/2017Opportunity Takes Panoramic Images This Week
sols 4916 - 492311/30/2017Opportunity Puts 28 Miles on the Odometer
sols 4910 - 491511/27/2017Opportunity Greets Winter Solstice
sols 4903 - 490911/17/2017Winds Blow Dust off the Solar Panels Improving Energy Levels
sols 4896 - 490211/17/2017Power Continues to be Challenging due to Winter
sols 4889 - 489511/03/2017Opportunity Does a Wheelie and is Back on Solid Footing
sols 4883 - 488811/03/2017Opportunity Meets Some Challenging Terrain
sols 4876 - 488210/20/2017Opportunity Spends the Week Imaging
sols 4869 - 487510/16/2017Recent Drive Improves Energy Levels Slightly
sols 4862 - 486810/06/2017Opportunity Feeling the Chemistry
sols 4849 - 48549/21/2017Opportunity Continues to Survey 'Perseverance Valley' During Winter
sols 4842 - 48489/18/2017Exploring 'Perseverance Valley' During Winter
sols 4835 - 48419/08/201745 Kilometers on the Odometry for Opportunity!
sols 4828 - 48348/31/2017Opportunity Seeks Energy-Favorable Locations to Recharge its Solar Panels During Winter
sols 4822 - 48278/24/2017Opportunity Staying Put for a Bit to Image Valley
sols 4815 - 48218/18/2017Driving Down the Valley and Recharging Batteries
sols 4808-48148/11/2017Taking Panoramas and Encountering Some Rocky Terrain
sols 4793 - 47997/27/2017Opportunity Enters Automode During Solar Conjunction Pause in Commanding
sols 4800 - 48077/25/2017Opportunity Will Continue Exploration of Perseverance Valley
sols 4787 to 47927/19/2017Opportunity Remains at Current Location Due to Solar Conjunction
sols 4774 - 47867/13/2017Opportunity Will Spend Three Weeks at Current Location Due to Solar Conjunction
sols 4767 - 47736/30/2017Opportunity Continuing Science Campaign at 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4760 - 47666/22/2017Opportunity Straightens Wheel, Resumes Driving
sols 4753 to 47596/16/2017Collecting Panoramas of High-Value Targets
sols 4746 to 47526/08/2017Walkabout Above 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4739 to 47455/31/2017Surveying the Spillway
Sols 4733 to 47385/25/2017Preparations Continue Before Driving into 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4726 - 47325/18/2017Opportunity Takes in the View from the Top of 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4719 - 47255/11/2017Opportunity Reaches 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4712 - 47185/05/2017Approaching 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4706 - 47114/25/2017Several Drives This Week Put Opportunity Closer to 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4699 - 47044/17/2017Opportunity Stops to Study a Patch of Exposed Rock Outcrop
sols 4692 - 46984/11/2017Opportunity Nears 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4685 - 46914/04/2017Several Drives and Imaging This Week on the Way to 'Perseverance Valley'
sols 4672 - 46773/21/2017The Dust Storm West of Opportunity is Starting to Abate
sols 4664 - 46713/15/2017Heading to South to 'Perseverance Valley' Gully
sols 4657 - 46633/06/2017Driving South to Gully
sols 4651 - 46562/27/2017Getting Closer to Gully
sols 4637 - 46432/14/2017Leaving Crater Rim for the Plains of Meridiani
sols 4631 - 46362/07/2017Opportunity Clicks Over 44 Kilometers on the Odometer!
sols 4624 - 46301/31/2017Opportunity Takes Advantage of her Location to do a Mini Science Campaign
sols 4617 - 46231/24/2017Opportunity Celebrates 13 Years of Operations on Mars
sols 4610 - 46161/17/2017Driving Up a Steep Slope
sols 4603 - 46091/10/2017Opportunity Continues Its Journey South Along Crater Rim
sols 4590 - 46021/03/2017A New Year Yields Interesting Bright Soil