Spirit Update Archive: 2004

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sol 333-345 23-Dec-2004 Spirit Eats a Potato-Sized Rock
sol 326-332 14-Dec-2004 Trekking Toward 'Husband Hill'
sol 306-325 07-Dec-2004 The Holiday Spirit is on Mars
sol 292-305 18-Nov-2004 Three hundred sols and counting!
sol 285-291 03-Nov-2004 The engineering team is keeping Spirit moving
sol 279-284 25-Oct-2004 Spirit's been mulling over 'Uchben'
sol 272-278 20-Oct-2004 Spirit investigating ancient rocks
sol 263-271 11-Oct-2004 Spirit investigating 'Tetl'
sol 243-262 29-Sept-2004 Spirit back to normal operations
sol 239-242 09-Sept-2004 Spirit on Autopilot
sol 232-238 07-Sept-2004 Spirit finishes observing 'Ebenezer' and moves on to 'Tikal'
sol 219-231 31-Aug-2004 Spirit has been etching into 'Ebenezer'
sol 209-218 23-Aug-2004 Spirit probes deeper into 'Clovis' outcrop
sol 205-208 11-Aug-2004 Spirit is investigating 'Clovis' outcrop
sol 201-204 03-Aug-2004 The quest for the top of the hills continues
sol 198-200 28-Jul-2004 Spirit Survives 200 Sols!
sol 194-197 26-Jul-2004 Spirit Investigates "Wooly Patch"
sol 190-193 26-Jul-2004 Spirit is Driving Backwards on Five Wheels
sol 184-189 26-Jul-2004 Spirit Completes its 'Tune-up' and Begins Driving Backwards
sol 181-182 16-Jul-2004 Spirit Gets Into Position for a Tune-Up
sol 179-180 15-Jul-2004 Spirit Reaches 180 Sols!
sol 175-178 09-Jul-2004 Spirit Tries Out Visual Odometry
sol 171-174 02-Jul-2004 Moving On From 'Pot-of-Gold'
sol 167-170 30-Jun-2004 Just a Little Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 164-166 25-Jun-2004 Edging Up on 'Pot-of-Gold'
sol 161-163 23-Jun-2004 'Pot-of-Gold' Revealed
sol 156-158 16-Jun-2004 Spirit Reaches the 'Columbia Hills!'
sol 152-155 15-Jun-2004 Are We There Yet?
sol 148-151 09-Jun-2004 Spirit Surpasses 3 Kilometer Mark!
sol 145-147 08-Jun-2004 Keep On Rovin'
sol 143-144 03-Jun-2004 Roving Toward the Hills
sol 140-142 02-Jun-2004 Back To Business
sol 136-139 02-Jun-2004 Spirit Recovers from a Low Probability Software Error
sol 134-135 27-May-2004 Taking Time to Trench
sol 131-133 20-May-2004 Spirit Gets an Unexpected Break
sol 127-130 17-May-2004 Spirit Roving Right Along
sol 124-126 12-May-2004 Spirit Speeds to 'Lead Foot'
sol 121-123 10-May-2004 Spirit Surpasses the One-Mile Mark!
sol 118-120 06-May-2004 'Columbia Hills' on the Horizon
sol 114-117 03-May-2004 Spirit explores the 'Big Hole' trench
sol 112-113 29-Apr-2004 A Drive and a Dig
sol 110-111 27-Apr-2004 Spirit Continues to Drive
sol 106 23-Apr-2004 A Little Science, a Lot of Driving
sol 102-104 19-Apr-2004 'Missoula Crater' in Sight
sol 100 15-Apr-2004 A Century of Sols on the Surface
sol 99 14-Apr-2004 Brushing Down Route 66
sol 98 13-Apr-2004 Refreshed and Ready to Rock and Rove
sol 94 09-Apr-2004 Spirit Stands Down for Flight Software Update
sol 93 08-Apr-2004 Last Sol for Spirit Science
sol 92 07-Apr-2004 Monitoring Magnets on Mars
sol 91 05-Apr-2004 Spirit Achieves Mission Success
sol 88 02-Apr-2004 Cruisin' Down the Crater Side
sol 87 02-Apr-2004 Bye-Bye 'Bonneville'
sol 86 31-Mar-2004 Brushing the Dust Off 'Missouri'
sol 85 30-Mar-2004 Looking Inside Mazatzal
sol 84 30-Mar-2004 Rat Bears Down on "Brooklyn"
sol 81 26-Mar-2004 Rats in "New York"
sol 80 25-Mar-2004 Open the Door
sol 79 24-Mar-2004 Sweep and Study the 'States'
sol 78 23-Mar-2004 Preparing to Grind at Mazatzal
sol 77 22-Mar-2004 One Step Closer
sol 74 19-Mar-2004 'Stub Toes' Won't Stop Spirit
sol 73 18-Mar-2004 A Close-Up of 'Serpent'
sol 72 17-Mar-2004 Spirit Digs with a Jig
sol 71 16-Mar-2004 Steering to 'Serpent'
sol 70 15-Mar-2004 Spirit's Busiest Day
sol 69 14-Mar-2004 New Panorama on Board
sol 68 13-Mar-2004 Spirit Sits Still for Science
sol 67 12-Mar-2004 Spirit is "On Top of the World"
sol 66 11-Mar-2004 Spirit is "Livin' on the Edge"
sol 65 10-Mar-2004 Roving Toward the Rim
sol 64 08-Mar-2004 Spirit Reaches the 300-Meter Mark!
sol 62 07-Mar-2004 Rolling Along
sol 61 06-Mar-2004 Leaving Middle Ground
sol 60 04-Mar-2004 Ready to Hit the Road Again
sol 59 03-Mar-2004 Rock Abrasion Tool Back in Action
sol 58 02-Mar-2004 Grinding, Take Two
sol 57 01-Mar-2004 Back to the Ol' Grind
sol 56 01-Mar-2004 Grooming for the Grind
sol 55 29-Feb-2004 Brush, Brush, Brush, Then Step Back
sol 54 27-Feb-2004 Heading To "Humphrey"
sol 53 26-Feb-2004 Eyeing Martian Dust Devils
sol 52 25-Feb-2004 Spirit Looks Back at Earth
sol 51 24-Feb-2004 Making Ground
sol 50 23-Feb-2004 Heading for Middle Ground
sol 49 22-Feb-2004 Trench Exam Continues
sol 48 21-Feb-2004 Down in the Trench
sol 47 20-Feb-2004 Spirit Digs a Trench
sol 46 19-Feb-2004 Halfway Through
sol 45 18-Feb-2004 Spirit Does a "Wheel Wiggle"
sol 44 17-Feb-2004 Spirit Passes 100-Meter Mark
sol 43 16-Feb-2004 Mega Drive
sol 42 15-Feb-2004 A Wayside Stop, Then Back to Driving
sol 41 14-Feb-2004 Spirit Gets the Drift
sol 40 13-Feb-2004 Movin' Towards "Mimi"
sol 39 12-Feb-2004 New driving record
sol 38 11-Feb-2004 It's Cold in the Shadow
sol 37 10-Feb-2004 Record-breaking Sol
sol 36 09-Feb-2004 Cruise Control on Mars
sol 35 08-Feb-2004 Rock Interior Inspected
sol 34 07-Feb-2004 First Human-made Hole in a Rock on Mars…EVER!
sol 33 05-Feb-2004 First Interplanetary Brushing of a Rock!