Spirit Update Archive: 2005

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sol 695-702 29-Dec-2005 Spirit on 'Horseback'
sol 689-694 29-Dec-2005 Spirit Approaching 'Comanche'
sol 680-688 12-Dec-2005 Spirit Studying 'Algonquin'
sol 668-680 01-Dec-2005 Downhill Progress
sol 647-654 04-Nov-2005 Spirit Imaging "East Basin"
sol 655-659 11-Nov-2005 Spirit Coordinating with Hubble
sol 647-654 04-Nov-2005 Spirit Imaging "East Basin"
sol 641-646 04-Nov-2005 Spirit in "Kansas"
sol 634-640 21-Oct-2005 Spirit Begins Downhill Drive
sol 626-633 17-Oct-2005 Spirit Wiggles into a Sturdy Workspace
sol 620-626 10-Oct-2005 Spirit Preparing for Robotic Arm Work
sol 614-619 29-Sep-2005 Spirit Reaches True Summit
sol 606-613 23-Sep-2005 Looking over Tennessee Valley
sol 599-605 16-Sep-2005 Testing Command Communications
sol 591-598 09-Sep-2005 Moonstruck
sol 584-591 02-Sep-2005 Studying the Summit
sol 579-584 30-Aug-2005 On Top of the Hill
sol 572-578 19-Aug-2005 Onward and Upward
sol 565-571 16-Aug-2005 Spirit Continues to Climb
sol 559-565 09-Aug-2005 Spirit 100 Meters from the Top
sol 551-558 02-Aug-2005 Spirit Investigating 'Chic'
sol 546-551 25-Jul-2005 Spirit in Target-Rich Environment
sol 524-531 01-Jul-2005 Spirit Observes 'Independence'
sol 532-537 11-Jul-2005 Spirit Scuffs
sol 524-531 01-Jul-2005 Spirit Observes 'Independence'
sol 518-524 24-Jun-2005 On the Move
sol 511-517 17-Jun-2005 Scenic Stop
sol 504-510 13-Jun-2005 Browsing at 'Backstay'
sol 497-503 03-Jun-2005 Spirit Hits the 500-Sol Mark!
sol 490-498 27-May-2005 Spirit is Power Positive
sol 483-489 20-May-2005 Spirit Drives to 'Larry's Outcrop'
sol 477-482 17-May-2005 Spirit Observing 'Reef'
sol 471-476 11-May-2005 Spirit Checking Out Pittsburgh
sol 462-470 03-May-2005 Spirit Analyzing 'Keystone'
sol 456-462 21-Apr-2005 Spirit Drives to 'Methuselah'
sol 449-456 18-Apr-2005 Spirit Gets Through a Rough Week
sol 442-448 08-Apr-2005 Spirit Switchbacking Uphill
sol 436-441 04-Apr-2005 Spirit Slipping on New Terrain
sol 430-435 24-Mar-2005 Using Extra Energy to Head Uphill
sol 422-429 21-Mar-2005 Busy with the Robotic Arm
sol 416-421 14-Mar-2005 High Winds Make Spirit Full of Energy
sol 408-415 07-Mar-2005 Spirit Perched at 'Larry's Lookout'
sol 402-407 28-Feb-2005 Spirit Taking in 'Tennessee Valley'
sol 394-402 24-Feb-2005 Spirit's Intelligence Increasing
sol 388-393 15-Feb-2005 Spirit Braving the Dust on Mars
sol 381-388 07-Feb-2005 Spirit Encounters 'Alligator'
sol 374-380 02-Feb-2005 Spirit Productive with Peace Efforts
sol 367-373 24-Jan-2005 Spirit at 'Peace'
sol 360-366 14-Jan-2005 Spirit Close to the Crest
sol 353-359 11-Jan-2005 Spirit Continues Climbing 'Husband Hill'
sol 346-352 06-Jan-2005 Spirit Celebrates Year Anniversary on Mars